Diabetic (alt.food.diabetic) This group is for the discussion of controlled-portion eating plans for the dietary management of diabetes.

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Old 21-01-2005, 05:54 PM
Priscilla H. Ballou
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"W. Baker" wrote:

About potatoes- the little red new potatoes seem to spike less than the
larger brown ones. something about the structure of the starch molecules
being different. If yu like potatoes, it is worth a try, but follow
Jehhifer's advice and test after eatign them to see what they do to you.
You might well be able ultimately, to adjust your insulin amount to
accomodate them.

Yes, on the red potatoes, and I've also found that I can eat baked
potato skins without a nasty spike. I have to discard most of the
interior of the baked potato, but baked potato skin "envelopes" with a
pat of butter in them has always been one of my favorite treats, so I've
been very happy to discover that I can still eat them along with
meat/fish and a nice helping of veg.


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Old 24-01-2005, 02:33 AM
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My wife is diabetic and we found that the Calorie King book to be the
best source of reference information. We end up eating out quite often
due to our travels so we found this book to be invaluable. It provides
carbs, calories and fat stats for a ton of restraunts and foods.
Enjoy. It also comes in a pocket guide version to fit in the glove


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Old 24-01-2005, 01:33 PM
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Jefferson wrote:
Hi Bob:
Alan wrote:

However, you should listen most carefully to the type 1s here
for advice of this type, not the type 2s like us.

Good advice.
In fact, let me take this a bit further:
DM1 & DM2 are - in many ways - two very different diseases, and to
informally discuss topics relevant to BOTH diseases can be

and confusing, especially when you are a nebie.
So why not split mhd into two groups?

Some of the best advice that is directed at type 2s on this group is
by Old Al. He was initially diagnosed as a type 2 but was a LADA and
eventually classified as a type 1.

There are probably many different kinds of type 2s.

That's because type 2 is not a disease per se but a sugar processing
deficiency that affects every individual differently, much so because
every individual responds to it differently.

combinations of genes may promote type 2 susceptibility.

I suspect different combinations of food groups play a much larger role
in this promotion than different combinations of genes...

T2/HbA1c 5.6/D&E/Dx 2/98
Wisdom sets bounds even to knowledge.

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Old 24-01-2005, 05:06 PM
None Given
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"Shawn Hearn" wrote in message
Since I was diagnosed as diabetic three months ago, I find that eating
out is often a challenge, but its not a big deal either. Just stick with
a salad and a low-carb vegies with a main course meat, chicken, or fish
dish and you should be fine. Unless you are severely sensitive to carbs,
I wouldn't worry about counting carbs while eating out if you only eat
out ocassionally. Just eye ball it and you should be fine.

As a type 1 Douglas need to know the carb count in order to shoot the
correct amount of insulin.

No Husband Has Ever Been Shot While Doing The Dishes

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