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Old 15-06-2004, 07:33 AM
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Default Yes, I might

"Vashti" wrote in message
It wasn't a dark and stormy night when katie wrote:

i find flax oil to be a little bit nasty tasting. i use this
'ultimate oil blend' stuff called 'udo's oil.' it's got flax oil in
it, but also sunflower and other stuff, apparently to give the proper
omega ratio. i read somewhere that the ratio of omegas 3 to 6 is more
important than just dosing with omega 3s. sounds like a good idea.
anyhow, i find it tastes much more agreeable, although i always use it
in stuff (like smoothies and salad dressing). my dad takes it
straight on a spoon each morning. that man has a gullet of steel.

I use it in salad dressing: with garlic, onion, herbs and some orange
juice to balance the nasty flavour of the oil it's great. I like it with
a salad of various leafy greens(especially the bitter ones).

I've tried to find other oils and even though my ex runs a health food
store he says he can't order anything else, not even vegetarian Omega 3
supplements but my guess is he's hardly trying though availability may
be different here in the Netherlands.

Of all things today I found I've a folic acid deficiency on top of the
inability to absorb B12 despite eating all all the foods that should
provide it so I think I need to add more stuff containing vitamin C.

that sucks. i guess everyone's absorbency is different, no matter what they
eat. i'm lucky, in that i seem to be able to absorb everything fine and
don't need to supplement anything. my iron is always good, which is great,
considering how people always harp at me about that one () i do take a
half-dose iron-free multi sometimes just to be sure, but i like to try to
force myself to eat well in order to get everything from my diet, so i won't
be like 'i'm taking vitamins so i can live off of soy icecream and white
bread.' uuuughhh...anyhow, i hope you can sort out your absorbancy thing.
have you tried taking sublingual b12 tablets? i've always heard those
recommended for those folks with b12 absorption problems. although i think
you need shots if you really really can't absorb your b12. that would suck.
anyhow, best of luck getting your nutrients acting all good n' proper!

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