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Old 19-12-2004, 03:04 PM
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Bubba wrote:
Jack Curry wrote:

"Bubba" wrote in message
. ..

I've been the recipient of two deer shoulders that I am cooking for
an office party. I intend to smoke them (I know, I know....hang
on!). I figure, if larded, they might come out edible, but I don't
own a larding needle. I've tried the "stick and stuff" routine
with frozen fat but
have never had good results. It occurred to me that there was no
reason that I couldn't inject the shoulders with fat, the idea
being that if I catch the fat at the liquid stage (but still cool
enough to not damage
my syringe) that the fat would: a) Congeal in the cool meat, and
therefore not leak out. b) liquefy at smoking temps. c)
Moisturize the meat without leaving me with globs of unrendered fat
when the meat is cooked.
I'll be happy to hear from anyone that's ever done this.
And glad to post the results.

Ideas, comments, etc?


I think you're playing with botulism and I wouldn't do it. When you
bring the fat up to the point of liquification (nice, warm bacteria
breeding temp), then inject it into the venison (oxygen-free
environment), you're creating a potentially lethal product.
Smoking (I refer to cold smoking - 90 degree temps or so) is in
itself a risky business which is why heavy salt and nitrate cures
are kill the botulin organisms.
As with sausage-making, all meat handling must be done in a clean
and cold environment to prevent bacteria growth and the same applies
to larding.
If you mean to try your injection technique and then *immediately*
hot smoke the venison, it might be OK, but I certainly wouldn't
offer any assurances. Be careful, that shit is lethal.

Jack Curry

I appreciate your concerns, they are well founded, but I should have
been more specific. The fat will be at close to 200 degrees (I will
render the fat by boiling) when injected. I intend to hot smoke the
venison to about 200 degrees. I want the collagen to liquefy, but
the fat to help keep the meat moist in the process.


I'd forget about taking it to 200. Just go to 140 with no added fat. Very
nice that way. Easy too.


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