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Old 13-11-2008, 04:10 AM
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Default Secret Formula Lengend--- several most money-attractive secret recieps

A World-conqueror Reciep---CocaCola

In2006,the secretory of CocoCola World General Headquarter ,Joy.Willims stole a new sample from her company, who tried to sell the reciep to Pepsi Corporation. However, she was refused as Pepsi doubted whether it’s real or just a snare. Finally, she was investigated by the FBI stuff. What was worse, she was going to face a 10-year jail sentence. This case put a mesterious veil on the CocoCola formula myth which has already spreaded for a long time.

Since it was invented in Atlanta USA in 1886, the CocaCola formula has been kept as a secret reciep for about 120 years. In order to keep its reciep a secret one, the renowned founder Robert Woodruff took reciep protection as his first mission when he became a leader of the company. At that time, CocoCola permit to broadcast the whole process to the public that the manual written by John Panburton, the inventer of CocoCola, was put into the bank’s vault. And they declared that if anyone who wanted to inquire this reciep must ask for an application first, then after the approval of the board of a trust company, she/he could open it within appointed time with officials on the spot. Till now, there is only 10 people who know the secret fomula.
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Chenshi Secret Fomula---the Creator of China’s Liquor King

As the king of China’s white liquor, Wuliangye now has got an output totling over 20 billion, which enable her a tycoon not only in white liquor industry, but also in the whole food industry in China. When Wuliangye’s achivements are listed out, we cannot count Chenshi Secret Formula out, which has been spreaded for hundreds of years.

The production technique of Wuliangye could be dated to ChongBijiu in Tang Dynasty, then LiZhilv in Song Dynasty and finally ZaLiangjiu in Ming Dynasty,which has undergone a technique change through these dynasties. Chenshi Secret Formula was created by Chenshi,the first founder of WenDefeng Brewery Site. This formula was handed from the master directly to ChenSan through six generations from Ming Dynasty to Qing Dynasty. Then ChenSan handed it to his apprentice ZhaoMingsheng who gave it to his beloved apprentice DengZijun. When Yibin was liberated by Communist Party of China in 1950, all the brewery sites in this city were centralization managed by the government. DengZijun was put on the label of Capitalist,who were dringking himself at home. The first Commissioner for Civil Administration of Yibin, Lipeng proposed that,” we should stronly promote the development of Wuliangye industry as a major resource of local public finance.” However, the Wuiangye that didn’t employ Chenshi Secret Formula tasted quite bitterly. To improve the quality of Wuliangye, Lipeng decided to invite DengZijun as his technique guide. He himself payed three visits to Dengzijun who had been 78 years old to make friends with him despite the difference in age. Finally, DengZijun was moved by LiPeng’s sincerity to become a technique guide of Wuliangye, who also donated Chenshi Secret Formula to the country.

Even now a statue of DengZijun is fixed in the Wuliangye production plant in memory of his contribution to the plant and his country.
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Yunnan Baiyao---100 years of Tears and Blood

The Chinese Army defeated the enemy during the Battle of Taierzhuang in March 1938. In one group of people of Chinese Army, there is an army unit come from Yunnan Province, which surprized people a lot. They fight bravely with France-style steel helmet on head and shear-openning cloth shoes on foot. They brought with a little bottle of white powder. When they were injured, no matter how heavily they wounded, they would ate some of these white powder and put some on the wound as they could move. Then they would go back to the battlefield again. This is QuHuanzhang Baibaodan which was called as Holy Healing Powder, that is the forerunner of Yunnan Baiyao.

During the Battle of Taierzhuang, the Yunnan Army not only won a high reputation, but also enabled the QuHuanzhang Baibaodan become very famous. The overall output of Baibaodan(Yunnan Baiyao) had been up to 400 thousand bottles because of the war.

However, danger is next neighbour to security . Afterwards in order to contribute to the War of Resistance against Japan, the Central Committee of Kuomintang Jiao Yitang invited Qu Huanzhang to Chongqing in the name of the head of Central State Medical Center. When two months passed after his arrival in Chongqing, the sad news came that Qu Huangzhang passed away due to illness.
According to the rumor of that time, Jiao Yitang asked Qu Huangzhang to hold a post in State Medical Center in Chongqing. At the same time, he also ordered Qu Huangzhang to hand over the secret reciep of Baiyao.Jiao Yitang wanted to produce Baiyao in Chinese Pharmaceutical Factory which was privately hold by himself. Because of his refusal, Qu Huanzhang was put under house arrest by Jiao Yitang. Finaly Qu died on hunger strike.

After liberation of China, the descedant of Qu Huangzhang donated the secret reciep to the Peoople’s government on there own initiative,which made a great flutter to draw lots of attention. Baibaodan Medicine was renamed as Yunnan Baiyao by Kunming Pharmaceutical Factory in 1956, which was put in mass production. Even now the secret reciep of Yunnan Baiyao is still a state-level and high-degree confidentiality.
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The Millenary Confidentiality of Martial Arts Holy Land

The medical hall of Shaolin Medicine Bureau was going to be finished in April 2007. Two years ago, Shaolin Temple made a millenary secret formula pubuic, which went to people’s field of vision again.

In 2005, over a hundred secret formulas of health preserving medicine were made public to the world through its website. Huanhuntang Soup( a kind of soup to revive from death) and Dalijingangwan Pill( a kind of pill to make people strong like a king kong) written in the martial arts novel were also included in those formulas.

Through introduction of the master in Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Cultrue consists of three parts: Meditation, Martial Arts and Medicine, which go hand in hand with each other. When the monks in Shaolin Temple get ill, they are cured by those prescriptions, especially the bulletproof monks. However many formulas can be widely used after certification by modern science and technology.

Nowadays with the commercialization of Shaolin Temple, what Shaolin Secret Formula’s future is or whether those formulas could be transformed into money, which still need to be tested by time.
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