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Old 10-10-2011, 10:14 PM posted to,alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian,,alt.psychology
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Default accept my gracious and humble offer.

On 10/3/2011 8:36 PM, Edward Kaas wrote:

== You also need to stop telling people that they are disappeared, as
they aren't, and claiming that they are only makes you seem to be
childish and incapable of logical thought or reason.

IF someone cross-posted msgs of mine written as:

Laurie Forti

to -other- ng's, that's not my responsibility.
The simple fact is that I am post-modding MY ng to keep the trash out.
It is effective, and I support the spreading of my simple Troll-proofing
ng's to the masses. Only people with REAL newsreaders can make idiots
disappear. Great, huh?

== ... show science to support your claims.
There are over 700 citations to the scientific literature on my site:, so what is the point of lying??

== There is no real science on or linked to your web site
== that supports these claims.
Please point out one statement I have made that is not supported by
"these claims". Let's start there.

== Yes but none one of them relates in any logical way to
== the ludicrous conclusions that you draw from them.

== Show science that specifically supports your idiotic
== claim that menstruation is a result of eating meat.
I have NOT said that.
I have merely concurred with the raw-food women Wendy and Nadine who
wrote the booklet "Is Menstruation Necessary", made similar
observations, have talked with various veg*n women, ... and guess what?
They all have experienced remarkable reduction of the painful sequelae
of "menstruation" as they moved away from the protein-fat-rich AmerKan
diet. Of course, armchair nutribabblists, such as yourself, do not know
this because they do not personally explore various diets in an
intelligent way.

== ... exercise will not aid weight loss.
So, you think this is erroneous. prove it.
Show any errors in the facts or logic.
That us all that is necessary to disprove any concept.
Can you do that simple task??
Nope, all you have is insults, no substance.

== Show science that specifically supports your ludicrous claim that a
raw food diet will eliminate colds and flu.
The collective experimental science being conducted by hundreds of
thousands of raw-food experentilists, including my own, support this
fact. YOU could experience this, also,if you had any real interest in
human nutrition.
Since consensus science doesn't research human HEALTH, just disease
brings in the money, one must be careful with the concepts accepted.

There is no evidence that "germs" cause colds/flus, either. People just
accept that even though it is wrong. ANYone can test the validity of my
contention by replicating the experiment;THAT s the very basis of
science. So, one can test these dietary 'theories' at home, for free,
and reap similar benefits, or one can just don't experience, and stay
addicted to the most deadly diet ever concocted by a failing
The choice is up to you, Mr. Wizard.
Are YOU interested enough to experience a totally raw diet?
Since I have 42 years of experiential/experimental research in
alternative diets, based on 29.5 years on a SAD. like you are now, I'll
be happy to guide YOU, personally, on a magical mystery our of Raw Diet.
I plan to soon start SlimLine, a call-in discussion webcast on how to
-successfully- lose excess weight, yet another mystery not being solved
by consensus "science".
Having an extensive exposure to "science" and technology, I have the
ability to put it all together, as I have been encouraged to become a
General Systems thinker by my teachers, like Buckminster Fuller.

== Show science that specifically supports your nonsensical claim
that "All available scientific evidence indicates that humans are
frugivorous apes".
I have supplied links to the pertinent genetic information, where were

== Then you should have no problem convincing anyone.
I have no ability to convince anyone of anything, all I do is provide
links to information that should not be ignored on rational thought.
Most people have crystallized belief systems, and nothing will help.
An open, intelligent, educated, functional, and rational mind would
challenge me to support a specific concept(s) and demonstrate error(s)
in logic or data I presented.
You have not even tried. Demonstrate specific errors, I do not care
about your, or anyone else's, personal incredulity.

== Let's see you do it.
Let's see YOU do it!

== I realise that you cannot support any of your claims ...
Let's see just how intelligent and open-minded you are; please accept
my humble offer for you to be the FIRST in my proposed Raw Vegan web cast.
You can chronicle your progress and all the benefits of transitioning
to a raw diet can be. And, transitioning, just wait till you hit that
first year mark.
You will be famous.

== Are you the only person on the planet that has got it right?
There are many raw-food enthusiasts but I seem to the one that is most
educated in The System, thus the responsibility falls me.

So, meet me half way, accept my gracious and humble offer.


scientifically-credible vegan information:

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Old 13-10-2011, 12:27 AM posted to,alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian,,alt.psychology
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Default accept my gracious and humble offer.

On Mon, 10 Oct 2011 17:14:10 -0400, Laurie wrote:

guess what?

Vegans contribute to the deaths of animals by their use of
wood and paper products, electricity, roads and all types of
buildings, their own diet, etc... just as everyone else does.
What they try to avoid are products which provide life
(and death) for farm animals, but even then they would have
to avoid the following items containing animal by-products
in order to be successful:

tires, paper, upholstery, floor waxes, glass, water
filters, rubber, fertilizer, antifreeze, ceramics, insecticides,
insulation, linoleum, plastic, textiles, blood factors, collagen,
heparin, insulin, solvents, biodegradable detergents, herbicides,
gelatin capsules, adhesive tape, laminated wood products,
plywood, paneling, wallpaper and wallpaper paste, cellophane
wrap and tape, abrasives, steel ball bearings

The meat industry provides life for the animals that it
slaughters, and the animals live and die as a result of it
as animals do in other habitats. They also depend on it for
their lives as animals do in other habitats. If people consume
animal products from animals they think are raised in decent
ways, they will be promoting life for more such animals in the
future. People who want to contribute to decent lives for
livestock with their lifestyle must do it by being conscientious
consumers of animal products, because they can not do it by
being vegan.
From the life and death of a thousand pound grass raised
steer and whatever he happens to kill during his life, people
get over 500 pounds of human consumable meat...that's well
over 500 servings of meat. From a grass raised dairy cow people
get thousands of dairy servings. Due to the influence of farm
machinery, and *icides, and in the case of rice the flooding and
draining of fields, one serving of soy or rice based product is
likely to involve more animal deaths than hundreds of servings
derived from grass raised animals. Grass raised animal products
contribute to fewer wildlife deaths, better wildlife habitat, and
better lives for livestock than soy or rice products.

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