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Default My new vegan nutrition DVDs

This is what I sent to my email newsletter this morning if anyone is
interested (email to



Subject: Dr. Greger's new nutrition DVDs (and an older one for free!)
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 05:46:42 -0800

As many of you know, every year I review the world’s scientific nutrition
literature for the most groundbreaking developments and compile the most
important findings into my annual “Latest in Nutrition” talk. My schedule
is so tight these days, though, that I’m only able to squeeze in a few dozen
talks each year, so I'm excited to announce I’ve started making my annual
nutrition updates into DVDs!

So far I’ve recorded the two most recent years—2007 and 2008—of my
“Latest in Nutrition” talk, and the 90-minute DVDs are now available at:

As always, all the proceeds I receive from the sales of books, DVDs, and
speaking engagements go to charity.

If you haven't been able to attend any of my recent presentation, here's your
chance to catch up on everything you missed, and if I was lucky enough to catch
you, here's your chance to share this critical, life-saving information with
your friends, family, and community--and I've packed bonus,
never-before-presented research findings into each one, so there's something
new for everyone!

Here's the list of chapters in the Latest in Nutrition 2007 DVD:
1. Introduction
2. Preventing Cancer: Which Foods to Avoid
3. Slowing the Growth of Breast Cancer
4. Preventing Cancer: Which Foods to Eat
5. Just the Flax, Ma’am
6. How to Eliminate Constipation
7. The Healthiest Vegetables
8. The Dangers of Blue-Green Algae and Spirulina
9. Never Eat Raw Alfalfa Sprouts
10. Fecal Bacteria in Sushi
11. How Much Pesticide Can Be Washed Off?
12. Which Fruits and Vegetables Don’t Count?
13. How Much Doctors Know About Nutrition
14. Raw Food Diet Myths
15. The Food That Can Drop Your Cholesterol 20 Points
16. The Healthiest Fruits
17. Noni Juice: Helpful, Harmless, or Harmful?
18. HerbaLife Supplements: Helpful, Harmless, or Harmful?
19. The Healthiest Beverage
20. The Food That Cuts Your Fatal Heart Attack Risk in Half
21. Foods for Weight Loss
22. The Great Grain Robbery
23. Good Fats, Bad Fats, Great Fats, and Killer Fats
24. What About Olive Oil?
25. The Healthy Type of Chocolate
26. Recipe of the Year
27. Nutritional Deficiencies: Vegans vs. Meateaters
28. Avoiding Iodine Deficiency
29. The One Supplement Everyone Eating a Healthy Diet Needs
30. New Studies on Vegans and Vegetarians
31. Effects of Meat Hormones on Fertility
32. IQ and Vegetarian Children
33. Diet and Body Odor
34. Conclusion

And the chapters in the Latest in Nutrition 2008 DVD:
1. Introduction
2. Nutrition Quizshow
3. Nutrasweet: Harmful?
4. MSG: Harmless?
5. Black Pepper: Helpful?
6. Vitamin E Supplements
7. Vitamin A Supplements
8. Beta Carotene Supplements
9. Vitamin D Supplements
10. Vitamin Supplements Worth Taking
11. Broccoli Sprouts
12. One Egg a Day: Harmful?
13. Two Cups of Coffee a day?
14. Black Coffee vs. Black Tea
15. Black Tea vs. Green Tea
16. Yerba Maté
17. Red Tea
18. Honeybush Tea
19. Soy Foods
20. Soy for Women with Breast Cancer?
21. Meat
22. Dairy Products
23. Flame Retardants in U.S. Food
24. Fish: Omega 3s and Mercury
25. Should Everyone Take Algae DHA?
26. Acrylamide in French Fries
27. New Antioxidant Superstars
28. Superfood Bargains
29. Recipe of the Year
30. Oranges vs. Orange Juice
31. Apples vs. Apple Sauce
32. Sun-dried vs. Golden Raisins
33. Raisins vs. Currants
34. Carrots vs. Baby Carrots
35. Green Lettuce vs. Red Lettuce
36. Red Onions vs. Yellow Onions
37. Pinto Beans vs. Black Beans
38. The Best Bean
39. The Best Mushroom
40. The Best Beverage
41. Bottled Water vs. Tap Water
42. The Best Apple Variety
43. The Best Nut
44. Raw vs. Cooked Vegetables
45. Steaming vs. Microwaving
46. Roasted Nuts vs. Raw Nuts
47. Best Cancer-Fighting Berry
48. Flawed Study Interpretation
49. Golden Carrot Study of the Year
50. Conclusion

You can expect my “Latest in Nutrition” 2009 DVD to be released this

What about all my old nutrition DVDs, though? Sadly, they are all sold out--I
guess they're collectors' items now! . But some folks have been kind enough
to upload one of my first DVDs to the internet. My “Maximum Nutrition” DVD
is now available for download free of charge at
. Since it's a torrent file, you'll need BitTorrent software, but that's
available free at places like .

I’m going to continue to try to fit in as many live appearances as my
schedule permits. See for the dates I've so
far confirmed this year. I hope I'll be able to catch you in person this year,
but if not, at least you can now catch me on your TV!

PS: I had another two articles published in the peer-reviewed scientific
literature this month. If you’re interested, they’re available free,
full-text at

PPS: Next month keep an eye out for me on the Colbert Report!

Michael Greger, M.D.
Director, Public Health and Animal Agriculture
The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L St., N.W.
Washington, DC 20037
direct line: (202) 676-2361
fax: (202) 676-2372

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