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Old 11-10-2013, 04:33 AM posted to alt.food.diabetic
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Default Recipe: tomato sauce from scratch

Todd wrote:
: Hi All,

: You guys are a blessing and have created a
: monster. :-)

: I figured out how to make tomato sauce (which
: I call spaghetti sauce) from scratch. As low
: bad stuff (carbs) as a tomato sauce can get.

: I have never tasted tomato sauce this good! YUM!
: T2 is not a curse!

: Okay. The secret is to start out with tomatoes
: with a great flavor. (Store bought sauce makes up
: for this by adding sugar.)

: And, the garlic is to add a "buttery" taste. If
: you can taste strong garlic, you used to much.
: (No cracks from the peanut gallery, unless they
: are funny.)

: Heat up a stainless steel saute pan. Medium high
: (hot!). You want the pan hot before tossing in
: the tomatoes.

: Chop up 5 giant (5") organic heirloom tomatoes. Do not
: discard the juice.

: Toss about a tomato's worth into the "hot" pan. Wait till
: you get some browning. This adds flavor. (Don't
: worry about messing up your stainless steel pan, the
: acid in the tomatoes makes it self cleaning.)
: Scrape and stir in the browning with a spatula.

: Add the remaining tomatoes. Drizzle with out 3 Tablespoons
: of Olive Oil. Don't add anything thing else at this
: point. There is a chemical reaction between the tomatoes
: and the olive oil that needs to take place.

: Stir every five minutes with a spatula, scrapping the
: bottom of the pan. Takes about 30 minutes. You are
: waiting for the tomatoes to break down. Until you get
: there, you will just have chunks of cooked tomato.

: What you are now waiting for is the tomatoes to break down
: into a paste.

: While your are boiling down the tomatoes to a paste,
: all on the same plate (I use a paper plate),
: -- chop up 1/2" slab of organic onion
: -- slice up two cloves of garlic (not 2 bulbs!)
: -- 1 flat tsp of organic dried oregano
: -- 1/2 flat tsp of organic dried basil
: -- 3 tablespoons of organic butter
: -- 1 flat tablespoon sea salt

: Once the tomatoes cook down into a paste, reduce the
: heat to medium and dump the plate into the newly
: created tomato paste. Stir while scraping with a
: spatula. Cook for about 10 more minutes to cook
: the onion and to meld the flavors of the remaining
: ingredients. Don't over cook, or you will loose
: the buttery flavor of the garlic.

: Makes about seven cups.

: Store in the refrigerator. Spoon out all week
: as a yummy topping. This has bad stuff (carbs),
: so don't go crazy.

: Common mistakes:

: 1) not cooking the tomatoes long enough
: 2) using too much garlic (who me? NEVER!)
: 3) using too much onion.
: 4) adding the other ingredients before the tomatoes
: are ready
: 5) adding the olive oil before the tomatoes. You WILL get
: splashed with hot oil (it hurts and creates a mess)!

: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/...roducts/2682/2
: 1 large (3") tomato: 7 grams of the bad stuff (carbs)

: Estimating five giant (5 inch) heirloom tomatoes:
: 5"/3" * 7 grams per 3" tomato * 5 tomatoes ~= 58 grams carbs.
: Or approximately 8.3 grams bad stuff per cup
: Or approximately 1/2 gram per tablespoon

: -T

Interesting recipe suitable around here for about 1 month a ear when you
can get really fresh tomatoes. Have you ever tried any for either canned
tomatoes(which in the lOOOONG off-season, are better than fresh, or
commercial, canned tomato pase, either alone or added to the tomatoes

I like a sauce with plenty of garli flacor as well ad oonions and
generally use canned . In addition, fresh basil added near theend adds a
lovely flavor.

Here is a quick and dirty tomato sauce for all year round. in a large
glass measuring cup 2 qts or more, put olive oile and chopped or sliced
onions(1 med to large). cover tichtly iwth plastic wrap and micorwave them
unti onions are nice and soft. Add a 28oz can of toamtoes, I like whole
plum which I kind of chnk pit first. add several sprigs of fresh basil,
tightly cover with the plastic srap adn microwve for about 5 mins. season
to taste with S&P adn any other herbs you might like. this is a
modificaion of Barbara Kafka's recipe in Microwave Gourmet.


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Old 16-10-2013, 10:47 PM posted to alt.food.diabetic
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Default Recipe: tomato sauce from scratch

In article , Todd

Haven't tried the canned tomatoes yet. A bit weired out
by the liners in the cans. Any sugestions on can liners?


Muir Glen tomatoes have safe can linings.

"What you fail to understand is that criticising established authority by means
of argument and evidence is a crucial aspect of how science works."
- Chris Malcolm
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Old 17-10-2013, 03:24 AM posted to alt.food.diabetic
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Default Recipe: tomato sauce from scratch

"Peppermint Patootie" wrote in message
In article , Todd

Haven't tried the canned tomatoes yet. A bit weired out
by the liners in the cans. Any sugestions on can liners?


Muir Glen tomatoes have safe can linings.

Their tomatoes and salsa are good but their tomato sauce has a very off
taste to it.

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