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Default Books On Religion & Philosophy (New Releases)

Books On Religion & Philosophy (New Releases)
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Indian Books Centre

In the Service of the Scholarly World since 1976

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Our company is one of the leading publishers and suppliers of books
related to following subjects:

Indian Art/ Archaeology; Ayurveda, Tibetan, Unani & Alternative
Medicine; Dictionary & Grammar; Religion & Philosophy (Hinduism,
Buddhism, Jainism and Christianity); Indian Music, Dance & Performing
Arts; Sri Lankan Studies; Women & Gender Studies; Yoga & Meditation;
Tantra Mantra Yantra & Astrology; Sanskrit & Related Studies. We have
over 1000 titles of our own and we stock Rare & more than 50,000

Request a Complete Catalogue * Provide Complete Postal Address

Books On Religion & Philosophy- Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism &
Christanity ( New Releases)
Published under our Imprint Sri Satguru Publications in Bibliotheca
Indo Buddhica & Sri Garib Das Oriental Series.


1. Indian Philosophy- A Counter Perspective ( Revised & Enlarged
Edition)/ Daya Krishna/ US$ 50

ISBN: 81-7030-845-3, Series - Sri Garib Das Oriental Series No. 310

About the Book

An earlier collection of some of these articles under the title Indian
Philosophy: A Counter Perspective was published in 1991. This new
collection includes many articles written after that period, Some
published and others unpublished. The articles include in this book
a Is Indian Philosophy " Theological" in Character ? ; Three myths
about Indian Philosophy ; Three conceptions of Indian Philosophy ;
Indian Philosophy and Moksha: Revisiting an old controversy ; The Vedic
Corpus: some questions ; The Vedic Corpus and the two Sutras- text,
concerned with it ; the Mimamsa Sutra and the Brahma Sutra ; The
Upanisads- What are they? ; The Yoga Sutras: The undeciphered text
anomalies, problems and paradoxes ; Yajna and the doctrine of Karma- A
contradiction in Indian Thought about action ; Apoha & Samavaya in
Kantian Perspective ; The text of the Nyaya Sutras: Some Poblems ;
Prasastapada's mapping of the Realm of qualities: a neglected chapter
in Indian Philosophy ; Is Isvarakrsna's Samkhya Karika really
Samkhayan ; Vedanta- Does it really mean anything? ; Adhyasa- a non-
advaitic beginning in Samkara Vedanta ; The myth of the Purusarthas ;
Rasa- The bane of Indian Aesthetics ; Consciousness , materiality and
spirituality: issues , dilemmas and the future of mankind ; Bondage of
Birth and death. The book contains Annexures and Index.

Other Books by the Author

1. The Nyaya Sutras - A New Commentary on an Old Text/ Prof. Daya
Krishna/ US$ 33

2. Indian Philosophy- A New Approach/ Daya Krishna/ US$ 33


2. Defining The Image: Measurements in Image Making/ Charles Willemen ,
US$ 13
Table of Contents:

Introduction; The Sanskrit Pratimalaksana: Translation, Sanskrit; The
Chinese Pratimalaksana: Translation, Chinese; Glossary: Chinese-
Sanskrit- English, Sanskrit- Chinese- English; Bibliography:

ISBN: 81-7030-842-9

About the Book

In the applied arts of India iconometery, talamana, the knowledge of
the measurements and the proportions of images, has an old tradition,
not entirely different from the Greek and the Renaissance
tradition.Ever since B.Laufer's study about the Citralaksana in 1913
the subject has raised new interest among artists and scholars alike.
The Indian Buddhist Pratimalaksana, which is edited in transcription
and translated into English here, may date from the 10th century,
anyway before Atisa (died 1054) . The Tibetan translation was made by
the Tibetan Grags-pargyal-mtshan (ca. 1285-1378) and the Indian
Dharmadhara, in souther Tibet before 1322, date of Bu-ston's catalogue.
The text most probably belongs to the Mulasarvastivada tradition. The
Chinese translation is the work of the Mongolian aristocrat mGon-po
skyabs, Gongbu Chabu in Chinese ( ca. 1690-1750) , The text was brought
out in 1742 at Qianlong's court in Beijing. mGon-po skyabs translated
the Tibetan text in Chinese , and he added a commentary using Tibetan
Literature, Thge Chinese text in this volume is based on the Japanese
edition T. 1419, but the stanzas are numbered, and the commentary in
prose is separated from the main text. Illustrations have been added.
The glossaries at the end will help further more research, it is hoped.
The Chinese Translation of Sanskrit words is often very useful to know
the exact meaning of a term, in both languages

Charles Willemen obtained his Ph.D in 1971 with a study of the Chinese
Udanavarga. Studied in Japan under H. Nakamura in the University of
Tokyo in 1972. Fullbright- Hays Visiting Scholar at Harvard University,
Dept. of East Asian Languages and Civiliazation in 1974. Has taught at
many Universities in Europe and in Asia. E.g. Guest Professor : Beijing
Language and Culture University , Xi'an Jiaotong University , Banaras
Hindu University , Nava Nalanda Mahavihara, Vishvabharati University in
Shantineketan. Has published extensively about Buddhism in South and
East Asia and about Chinese Art. Member of the Belgian Royal Academy of
Sciences since 1997.


..3. Concept of Vac in the Vedic Literature/ Pratibha M.Pingle, US$ 33

ISBN: 81-7030-841-0, Series: Sri Garib Das Oriental Series No. 309

About the Book

The word VAC is derived from VAC, to speak. But VAC for Vedic Indians
was not merely speech. The word carries with it a deeper significance.
The material for the book is collected from the principal Samhitas-the
Regveda, the Atharvaveda, the five Samhitas of Yajurveda (the
Taittiriya, the Maitryani, the Vajsaneyi, the Kathaka and the
Kapisthalakatha). The Brahamanas (the Aitreya, the Sankhyana, the
Satapatha, the Taittiriya, the Pancavimsa, the Sadvimsa and the
Gopatha), and the eighteen principal Upanisads.

Dr. Pratibha M. Pingle is editor Sanskrit Dictionary, Deccan college,


4. Introduction to Indian Astrology/ Rama R Rao, US$ 13

ISBN: 81-7030-835-6
About the Book

Curiosity to know one's future is both natural and universal; and
therefore any method which attempts to unravel the mystery of the
future has an attraction for the future has an Astrology, palmistry,
numerology and various extrasensory processes which claim to predict
the future have a popular appareal. An elementary knowledge of
astronomy and a historical perspective are indispensable for a
beginner. After going through the authoritative texts like Brihat
Jataka, Brihat Parasara, Horasastra, Phaladipika etc., one arrives at
the conclusion that the variables one has to tackle are far too many
and the interpretations far too numerous and the task of integrating
the diverse material is too complex. The subject requires deep study
and one has to develop an insight and intuition to become a successful
astrologer. The author has tried to present the essentials of Hindu
Astrology with as objective an approach possible.


5. Navagraha Kosa/ S.K Ramachandra Rao 2 Vols, US$ 26 per vol. US$ 52

ISBN: 81-7030-839-9

About the Book

The ideology of the Nine Planetary deities (The Nava-Grahas) is an
important one in our country. All the rituals, dairy and occansional,
involve the propitiation of these Grahas. The volumes includes all the
available texts relating to the worship of the planetary deities.
Mainly it includes texts of Navagraha Puja Vidhi and Graha Yoga
Paddhati, excepts from popular texts like Mantra Mahodadhi and from
rare texts like Vaikhanasa-agama Khiladhikara and Bhrigu Samhita
relating to the worship of the Nava-Graha especially of Surya.


6. Srividya Kosa/ Prof. S.K Ramachandra Rao, US$ 40

ISBN: 81-7030-832-1, Series: Sri Garib Dass Oriental Series No. 304

About the Book

Srividya is discipline where abounds considerable mystery, esotericism
and occultism. There is among common people quite some ignorance
concerning its philosophy and practice. There is also a host of doubts
and uncertainties among practitioners themselves. The presence of
different tradition in Srividya is a further source of confusion. The
textual background to Srividya has almost become obscure and obsolete;
it has become more a matter of individual lineages of practices. In the
circumstances there is a need for an authentic and comprehensive
account of all three aspects of Srividya, viz. The Yantra, The Mantra
and The Tantra. This Book is an attempt to provide one. Along with all
textual details concerning the philosophy and practice of Srividya,
relevant iconographic details with illustrations have also been given.


7. The Tantric Practices in Sri Vidya/ S.K Ramachandra Rao, US$ 20

ISBN: 81-7030-836-4 , Series: Sri Garib Das Oriental Series No. 306

About the Book

Sri Cakra has rightly been regarded as the 'prince among cakras'
(cakra-raja). It is best known and most worshipped among hundres of
sacred designs that are prescribed in the traditional lore. Despite
this celebrity, an air of mystery surrounds this cakra. The present
book gives details of the design, the significance of those details,
the philosophical framework that renders the details relevant, the
prevailing symbolism, and the nature of source - materials have been
explained based on authoritative texts and traditional understanding.
The book also contains text and English translation of the text


8. Agama Encyclopaedia / S.K. Ramachandra Rao 12 Vols. US$ 16 - per
vol. US$ 192 (Set)

I- Introduction, II- Saiva & Sakta Agamas, III- Vaikhanasa Agamas, IV-
Pancaratragama, V- Devyagama, VI- Alaya & Aradhana, VII- Preparation
for Puja, VIII- Mudras in Puja, IX- Consecration, X- Nityarcana, XI-
Utsavas, XII- Source Book

ISBN: 81-7030-823-2 , Series: Sri Garib Das Oriental Series No. 292

About the Book

The Agama literature includes the Silpa-Sastra, which is basic to
iconography. Worship dealt with I the Agama necessarily involves images
which are worship-worthy. The rituals and sequences that are elaborated
in the Agama books find relevance only in the context of an icon which
is contained in a shrine. And icons are meaningful only in the context
of shrines and worship. Agama texts are not easily accessible to the
people. A large number of them are still available only in manuscripts,
some of them which have been printed are only in their Sanskrit
originals. There is need, therefore, to present relevant excerpts from
them at least, to make the volumes on iconography more meaningful.
Further, Indian temples are to be considered only in the general
framework of temple culture, which include not only religious and
philosophical aspects also. The volumes named Agama Encyclopaedia named
Agama Encyclopaaedia deals with the temple-culture and Agama framework,
the sectarian division of the Agama into Saiva, Vaisnava and Sakta, and
the topics selected from the Agama texts follow. Thus, the entirety of
the Agama, literature in so far as it is relevant to the temple-culture
is brought within the scope of the Agama Encyclopaedia.


9. The Compendium on Ganesa/ S.K Ramachandra Rao/ US$ 33

ISBN: 81-7030-828-3, Series: Sri Garib Dass Oriental Series No. 301

About the Book

Ganesa's popularity is manifold. He is the favourite god of the
masses. He is also the favourite subject for curio-hunters and
collectors of icons. Painters and sculptors have revelled in depicting
this god in a variety of forms and postures. The Tantrik practitioners
have found in him a benevolent power, quick to acquire and enduring in
nature. Literature about Ganesh is remarkable, varied and large. Works
in Sanskrit, which appear to have provides the main source material for
all of them, are themselves large in number and varied in nature. An
attempt has been made here to present a comprehensive picture of Ganesa
that is of interest to an Indian mind. The picture assumes the Vedic
origin of Ganesa and the Smrti and the Tantrick involvements of the
deity. It recognizes the primal importance given to this god in the
daily life of millions of Indians. And it seeks to provide authentic
information about Ganesh from texts. The books contains drawings of
numerous Ganesa Icons, worshipped in our temples or preserved in


10. Metaphysics and Mysticism in Mahayana Buddhism- An Analytical Study
of the Ratnagotravibhago-Mahayanottaratantra-sastram / C.D. Sebastian/
US$ 33

ISBN: 81-7030-826-7, Series: Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica Series No. 238

About the Book

Canonical and classical Mahayana literatue falls into two classes viz.,
Prajanaparamita and the Tathagatagarbha classes. The Ratnagotravibhago
Mahayanottaratantra Sastra, popularly known as the Uttaratantra, is the
foremost example of the Tathagata-garbha literature. In this volume the
author makes an exegetical and analytic study of the same text, and
brings out the metaphysical and mystical bearings of Mahayana Buddhism.
The teaching of the Uttaratantra is a perfect blend of philosophy,
religion, spiritual discipline, mysticism and metaphysics - a blend
which is characteristic of Buddhism. Tathagata-garbha is an important
Mahayana principle, which explains that all living beings possess the
essence of Buddha-hood (Sarvasattvas-tathatagata-garbhah).
Tathagata-garbha toeory is a teaching that gives great optimism for all
living beings in the pursuit of Bodhi (Enlightenment) of Buddhatva
(Buddha-hood). This theory enshrines in it a sublime concept that all
the sentient beings are potential Buddhas or all will attain
Buddha-hood. Owing to the presence of Tathagata-garbha in all, one
perceives the equality of oneself with others, and works for the
wellbeing of all living beings, as one's entire life motif. According
to A.K. Chatterjee, an outstanding authority on Yogacara Idealism, the
author "brings out beautifully the implication of the notion of the
Tathagatagarbha" in this volume.


11. Lhasa - The Holy City / F. Spencer Chapman with an Introduction by
Sir Charles Bell K.C.M.G. K.C.I.E/ US$ 13

About the Book

This book gives first hand beautiful account of Lhasa by a leading
traveller. The book gives details of Monasteries, Feativals and
Processions, Lhasa City, The Potala Palace, Norbhu Lingka, Gyantse,
Phari, Recreations, Tibetan New Year.

The book if profusely illustrated with Maps and Plates


12. Buddhist- Art, History and Culture- Essays by Prof. L.M Joshi/ Ed.
D.C Ahir. US$ 20

ISBN: 81-7030-799-6, Series: Bibliotheca Indo- Buddhica Series N. 233


1. Life and times of the madhyamika philosopher Nagarjuna. 2. Modernity
of Buddha's Gospel. 3. True Buddhism. 4. Buddhist principle of
non-Egoity. 5. Aspects of Buddhism in ancient Indian culture. 6. The
concept of Dharma in Buddhism. 7. The mind and the mere mind in
Buddhism. 8. Faith and devotion in Buddhism. 9. Buddhist tradition and
Guru Nanak: aspects of absolute reality. 10. Modernity of ancient
Buddhism. 11. The way to Nirvana according to the Dhammapada. 12.
Buddhist contribution to art and architecture. 13. Aspects of Buddhism
in Indian history. 14. Santideva's Siksamuccaya - karikas

About the Author

D.C. Ahir (born 1928, Punjab) is a reputed scholar of Buddhist studies,
and has made notable contribution to the history of Buddhism during the
last 42 years. He retired as Director to Goverment of India in February
1986, and since then fully engaged in enriching literature. He already
has more than 40 published works to his credit, besides numerous
articles on Buddhism.

In appreciation of his noble and notable contribution to the Buddhist
Literature as a Distinguished Scholar and Author, the Maha Bodhi
Society of India, Sarnath conferred on him on 30th November 2001 the
Honorary Title of Bauddha Sahitya Shiromani.

Other Books by the Author

1. Buddhism in South East Asia- A Cultural Survey/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 30

2. Buddhism in North India & Pakistan/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 20

3. Buddhism in South India/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 13

4. Buddha Gaya Through the Ages/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 15

5. The Pioneers of Buddhist Revival in India/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 8

6. Buddhism in Modern India/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 13

7. A Panorama of Indian Buddhism- Selections From the Maha Bodhi
Journal (1892- 1992)/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 33

8. The Status of the Laity in Buddhism/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 10

9. Himalayan Buddhism Past & Present- Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan
Centenary Volume/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 15

10. Glimpses of Sri Lankan Buddhism/ D.C Ahir/ US$ 30

11. Buddhist Sites & Shrines in India- History, Architecture/ D.C Ahir/
US$ 80

12. Vipassana- A Universal Buddhist Technique of Meditation/ Ed. D.C
Ahir/ US$ 13


13. Sagathavagga Samyutta- Division of Discourses with Verses/ Tran. U
Tin U/ US$ 33

ISBN: 81-7030-798-8, Series: Bibliotheca Indo-Buddhica Series No. 232

About the Book

The present book contains the English translation of verses from
Sagatha Vagga of Division of Discourses from the Samyutta Nikaya. The
five groups contained in this volume are Devata Samyutta (Group of
related discourses to various un-named devas), Devaputta Samyutta
(Group of related discourses to various named devas), Kosala Samyutta
(Group of related discourse to King Pasenadi of Kosala), Mara Samyutta
(Group of related discourses involving Mara), and Bhikkhuni Samyutta
(Group of related discourses concerning bhikkunis).


14. Sri Sudodhini - Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation / T.Ramanan

About the Book

This Volume presents, for the first time in English language, the
translation, based on devotion to our Lord Shri Krishna (bhakti),
bringing out, from the original Sanskrit text, the "bhavartha"
(meaning of the innerspirit and underlying loving sentiments, with
which, this treatise has been written), of the monumental commentary
Sri Subodhini, on the Maha Bhagavata Purana, by Mahaprabhu Sri
Vallabhacharya (c 1479-c 1531). The tenth canto of Sri Bhagavatam is
considered by all Vaishnavas as the most valuable and sacred canto,
among the 12 cantos of this Purana- as this canto deals with the divine
leelas of our lord Shri Krishna, who is the Shri Purushothama-the
supreme lord of the universe. Shri Vallabhacharya's Sri Subodhini, is
available only for the 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 10th and few chapters of the
11th canto of Sri Bhagavatam. Sri Subodhini is considered as the most
detailed commentary, among all the available commentaries, of Sri

Volumes No.

1. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 1
to 4/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 1), US$ 43

2. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 5
to 8/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 2), US$ 40

3. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 9
to 11/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 3), US$ 33

4. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 12
to 17/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 4), US$ 43

5. Sri Subodhini- Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 18
to 22/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 5), US$ 43

6. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 23
to 28/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 6), US$ 43

7. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 29
to 35/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 7), US$ 63

8. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 36
to 42/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 8), US$ 50

9. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 43
to 49/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 9), US$ 63

10. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bbagvata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya -Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 50
to 56/ T.Ramanan, (Vol. 10), US$ 50

11. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagavata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya- Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 57
to 63/ T.Ramanan, [824-0] (Vol. 11), US$ 50

12. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagavata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya- Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 64
to 70/ T.Ramanan, [829-1] (Vol. 12), US$ 50

13. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagavata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya- Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 71
to 77/ T.Ramanan, [830-5] (Vol. 13), US$ 50

14. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagavata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya- Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 78
to 84/ T.Ramanan, [833-X] (Vol. 14), US$ 50

15. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagavata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya- Text and English Translation Canto Ten Chapters 85
to 90/ T.Ramanan, [834-8] (Vol. 15), US$ 63

16. Sri Subodhini-Commentary on Srimad Bhagavata Purana by Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharya- Text and English Translation Canto Eleven Chapters
1 to 5 (includes Vritrasura Chatusloki) / T.Ramanan, [843-7] (Vol. 16),
US$ 50


Request a Complete Catalogue * Provide Complete Postal Address

FREE Sea-Mail Postage for a minimum order of US $30.00.For Air-Mail add
US $8.00 per Book/ Vol.

For More Books Visit our website at

You can also send us your want list of Rare, Out of Print and Other
Indian Books & Journals.

We also invite Manuscripts for Publishing on the above Subjects.

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