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Default What's the name of the Revolution anyway?

Communism gave birth to the Velvet, Orange Revolutions, etc. A Jasmine
Revolution was in the making for China --they are prosperous though.
Now America...

The Rich have their own Tea Party, rather bland and White to be
expected, a symbol of the British and taxation rather --as if taxation
was more important than happiness. The Poor --this is Class Warfare,
right?-- need something of their own to give color and flavor (aroma
too!) to their own solution. They may not have money --or never will--
so they may as well be happy. Their values are different, their fears
too. For sure they need more than democracy and words. They need
substance. What is this name?

Popcorn or Peanut Revolutions seem like strong candidates. Nice and
healthy, proletarian in nature. Jalapeno is a perfect name for Mexico,
but America doesn't like spicy food that much. Coffee is not grown in
America. Marijuana is not even legal. Hotdog is American but not that
healthy. Cucumber?

Is there something that unites America besides her dislike for the Tea
Party? The real stuff though is that THE REVOLUTION IS ABOUT

These are real issues for the people --trying to buy a trike...

"I want to buy a rover so bad... but IRS screwed me out of my 8000
rebate for buying my new house. *******s."

That's a sort of bike. That's right, you can take it apart because
it's simple and you won't need a car or oil or the war goes with it.


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Default What's the name of the Revolution anyway?

On Oct 5, 9:01 am, The PHANTOM wrote:

The "Granola Revolution"?? Full of fruits and nuts !!

I think this sounds even better! And practical too since you always
have it with you.
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Default What's the name of the Revolution anyway?

On Oct 5, 10:17 pm, Kirsten wrote:

Some heavy stuff happening today; the unions rolled in, filling the
streets with around 15,000 but stuff like this happened (video just

I rather like that Keith Olbermann read out the full GA declaration on
his show

Word is that Randy, of this parish, is fixing with more than a few
friends to Occupy Anchorage.

It seems that what began with a few silly meditators and vegans and
non-geeks hanging out downtown has become a thing. I may be popping
into London this weekend to see what's going on.

For those occupying or just keeping the wires humming, stay safe my

Best wishes

Will the police join Wall Street or the demonstrators? Be nice to them
and give them a banana!!!

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