Tea (rec.drink.tea) Discussion relating to tea, the world's second most consumed beverage (after water), made by infusing or boiling the leaves of the tea plant (C. sinensis or close relatives) in water.

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Default Loose leaf-2-3 times use?

"BabyJane Hudson" > wrote:

> I called one of two local stores that sell loose leaf tea here in
> Toledo, Ohio. A nice lady and we had a nice conversation over the
> phone, but I was amazed when I mentioned Assam tea and she did not
> know what I was talking about (and I probably didn't either .

I'm amazed as well. Assam is hardly anything esoteric - it's a staple
in the tea business.

> She said that by using loose leaf, it can be used 2-3 times before
> discarding the used leafs.
> Is this true?

Yes. And no. Many good quality teas can yeild good infusions even
with multiple steeps, but it also depends on the type of tea. A good
oolong, for example, could be good for 3 or 4 steeps. A good
green may 2 or 3. But black teas (like most Assams) really don't
re-steep very well at all. I never do multiple steeps with black teas.

If your local stores don't even know what an Assam is, you might
want to try one of the online dealers. Two I would recommend
would be Upton Tea (www.uptontea.com) and Special Teas
(www.specialteas.com). Both very reputable outfits, with a lot
of good teas, including Assams.


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Default Loose leaf-2-3 times use?

Loose teas are generally good for multiple steeps depending on method
of preparation, water temperature, timing and preference of taste.

Pu'erh of high quality could be good for 10 to 20 maybe even 30
depending on method.

Oolongs 4-10

Greens 3-7

Whites 3-5

Yellows 3-7

Black 2-10

Lengths exampled are using gong fu method which is probably the best
method for loose teas. These examples are also much influenced by
personal taste, quality and age of tea.

Allen Miller

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