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Old 02-12-2004, 09:39 PM
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Default Hydrogenated veg oil - how much is okay ?

MY it okay to have some products in ones weekly shopping
trolley with hydrogenated vegetable oil and just how much ? for aspartame, best totally avoided as it reads as being pretty nasty
stuff ! more 'no added sugar ' or diet drinks then !

Having just been told about hydrogenated vegetable oils, having looked then
up on the net to see what they are and do,....that they are bad and bung up
your arteries etc to use a non technical phrase !...I found myself putting
back on the shelves in Tescos when doing my once weekly shopping the next
day most of what I normally would buy, healthy eating section pastas ALL had
it, ALL the cakes, even the boring plain sponge ones, traditional cakes had
it, McVities Ginger cake had it, and so on and so forth, even weight
watchers flapjacks that I like,
Most Go Ahead products, supposedly low fat and good for the arteries,
fact it wrecked my cake and snack buying...and I enjoy cakes. (Hate raw
fruit and cannot have seeds.) The entire cake isle was supposedly
unhealthy, ...for petes sake why ...or is it ok to eat after all ?......

Moving on...surely not my occasional treat, and great at Christmas... dry
roasted peanuts (Tescos label...why oh why not just roast the nuts ? ),
Aunt Bessies stuffing balls, I get home late and dont get time to cook as
such, so rely on this sort of product, so now no stuffing with my chicken.
I cant remember if the chicken products by Birds Eye etc got chucked, they
form most of my main courses so hope not.
Scotch eggs, Goodfellows pizzas, reject them.
Then I had to avoid aspartame, the silent killer in the drinks aisle, almost
all the drinks had aspartame on the label, bloody hell !
To see someone buying three large bottles of R Whites diet lemonade makes
you think ...Toothkind Ribena has it, not very kind then is it.

Choc bars isle, I love Twix...guess what...yes...HVO !...just choc, biscuit
and caramel and very popular...why oh why ? Good news..Kit Kat ok !

Christmas is going to be hell, how will people cope when at friends, will
they reject most of whats been dished up, certainly the plate of cakes won't
get eaten ?
Is aspartame and HVO in raw ingredients like pastry ?

So as said it okay to have some products in ones weekly
shopping trolley with hydrogenated veg oil and just how much ?...if not, it
took me 2 hrs to do a 15min shop, most of what I buy at Tescos in the UK is
afflicted with HVO, even their own make, they should know better than
support this stuff. No doubt other supermarkets also are selling this. Do
Health Food shops have main meals and cakes I wonder, even if they do, I
cannot park anywhere near them and they shut before I leave work anyway.
The USA is seeing law suits against Pepsi etc for aspartame, why does the UK
ignore this, nothing in the media, no one knows about it or does anything
about it ? So is it bad or not, can I stock up as normal or not, if
Hydrogenated Veg Oil is bad for you, why is it in most products ?

My food supply cupboard is somewhat empty and so is my plate...feeling weak
as a result !


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Old 22-12-2004, 06:09 PM
Justice Chase
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Starting from the top:
Hydrogenated oils are used in foods to increase shelf life, or to
make a thicker product (Vegetable Shortenings).
Some people can withstand them, some can't. If you have high
triglyceride reading on a blood test, or high cholesterol, you
can't abide them. Ignoring the caloric consequences, hydrogenated
and saturate fats can be mitigated by soluble fiber intake.
Soluble Fiber is found in Oats, Figs, Cocoa Fiber (powder) and many other
foods. There is no soluble fiber in meat.
I had high triglycerides - so I try to keep my intake down as much as
is possible. (3 grams per meal, allowing for snacks to take me up to
20 for the day). You also need unsaturated fats - dropping all
fats is bad for you, and you need 3 times as much unsaturated fats
as the saturate fats you consume.
In America there is no recommended amount of soluble fiber - and
finding the amount of soluble fiber in a food is nearly impossible.
So I just try to do the best I can, and use that to mitigate risk.

My wife, on the other hand, has perfect blood test readings - so
she just avoids saturated and hydrogenated fats as a source of
calories (they are the primary source of calories, besides sugar,
in most processed fast foods).

Good Luck.

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