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Default Velveeta substitute for Rotel cheese dip

"Charles Gifford" > wrote in message>...
> "B.Server" > wrote in message
> ...
> > On Sun, 21 Sep 2003 07:58:35 GMT, "Charles Gifford"
> > > wrote:
> >
> > >

> [...]
> > >
> > >If that is your experience, you just haven't had good American cheese.
> > >
> > >Charlie
> > >

> > The OP specified the presliced, plastic wrapped "American Cheese"
> > slices. Personally, I thought they were Velveeta. They certainly
> > taste very similar and, like Velveeta, are only distantly related to
> > cheese.
> >
> > If you are asserting that there is good cheese made in America; of
> > course I would agree. If you are asserting the those American Cheese
> > slices are an example of it, I beg to differ.

> Oh dear. You are quite wrong. I was replying to "Carnivore's" statement:
> "American cheese... <gag> She may as well use Velveeta. ;-)
> Sorry, that's just my opinion. It's ungodly high in salt and additives
> as well."
> I was refering to the cheese "American Cheese". It is a well known cheese
> and is not only found as "presliced, plastic wrapped "American Cheese
> slices". If you take the time to look for a good product labled as "American
> Cheese" and not "cheese product" or "cheese food", you will find an
> excellent REAL cheese. It is a cheddared cheese well worth looking for.
> Perhaps if you try a deli you might find it.
> Charlie

Ah, gotcha. ;-)
I was under the assumption tho' that the product they were referring
was the pre-sliced stuff from the grocery. That is pretty much an
imitation of real cheese in most cases.

Real American cheese, not "cheese food" pre-sliced and wrapped is a
different story... Available from Central Market deli.

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Charles Gifford
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Default Velveeta substitute for Rotel cheese dip

"Carnivore269" > wrote in message
> Real American cheese, not "cheese food" pre-sliced and wrapped is a
> totally
> different story... Available from Central Market deli.
> C.

Central Market would have it alright! That sliced and individually wrapped
suff is amazingly bad!



Recipe by: Mark Thorson
Posted to: r.f.c 07SEP1998
Paraphrased by: Charlie

"Use a mild or medium Cheddar cheese. Use a potato peeler to cut into very
thin stirps. In a non-stick pan over low heat, lay the strips down. They
will go throgh 3 stages: first, they melt and the fat separates, secondly
they bubble, then third the creaminess disappears as the cheese protein
becomes properly fried.

Right when it reaches the third stage, pick it up and remove it. It will
have a leathery consistency while still hot and can be shaped in various
ways. When cool it becomes brittle. The cheese flavor is very intense and

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