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Default New scam alert! Non-English-speaking illegals as foster parentsof monolingual English U.S. kids!

On Dec 10, 8:14 pm, bersomi > wrote:
> Jesus H. Christ, if this isn't the straw that broke the camel's
> back!
> I just got off the phone with a close friend of mine who happens to
> be a public school teacher in California. My totally outraged friend
> informed me that since September they've seen several instances in
> which non-hispanic, non-Spanish-speaking American boys and girls have
> been placed by the state of California with non-English-speaking
> illegal alien foster parents!
> There's just so much wrong here I don't know where to begin. In the
> first place, isn't it unconscionably dangerous for the state to place
> a child (any child) into a home with people whose very identities not
> even the cops, much less state government employees, can be certain
> of? I mean, most aware people today realize that illegal aliens often
> use literally dozens of aliases. How does the state know that the
> illegal aliens who it's approved to be foster parents aren't (as so
> many illegals, it turns out, in fact are) horrible child abusers?
> And how in the hell are the non-Spanish-speaking American foster
> kids placed into these non-English-speaking foster homes supposed to
> communicate with their Spanish-speaking-only, non-English-speaking
> foster parents? What if the kid has a serious medical or other
> problem? How are they supposed to clearly communicate? As per my
> friend (who speaks a little Spanish), one such foster parent they
> called last week spoke not a word of English and, when asked how they
> communicate with the non-Spanish-speaking foster kid my friend was
> calling about (who's their student) the foster parent told my friend
> (in Spanish, needless to say) that "her daughter" translates. But what
> if the daughter isn't there and there's an urgent or emergency
> situation? The foster parent won't be able to understand what the kid
> is trying to tell them. (Is this common sense stuff or what????)
> Last, but not least, what kind of insanity would allow the state
> bureaucracy to consider for even a second allowing illegal aliens (and
> ones who don't even speak English, on top of that) to serve as state-
> approved foster parents?
> And these non-Englsih-speaking illegal aliens are raking in
> thousands of dollars per kid they take in!
> As per my friend, the illegal alien foster parents are basically
> "warehousing" the kids by providing a bed to sleep on and little more
> and receiving thousands per kid. In one case my friend dealt with last
> year the non-English-speaking illegal set up shop as a foster home for
> kids from babies to teenagers. The government social services agencies
> send the Spanish-only, non-English-speaking illegal alien lady a check
> for each kid every month and she's supposed to spend some of it on the
> kid but keep the rest for her "expenses". Talk about a racket! God
> help us! What in the world has our country come to when such an
> atrocity can take place with the full help of the government?
> In my opinion the fact that illegals are now deeply into the new,
> very profitable racket of serving as foster parents is enough of a
> nauseating scandal. The fact that the state is now putting non-Spanish-
> speaking American children into the Spanish-speaking-only homes of
> illegal aliens just takes the cake and needs to be thoroughly
> investigated.
> I encourage anyone concerned who's reading this to ring this
> situation to the attention of the best investigative journalists they
> know, for it's so over-the-top and hard to believe that an expose of
> it could win the news show, newspaper or magazine they work for
> ratings and awards! Just "follow the money!"

California is a total waste.

greg New Nation News
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