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Default This Administration and Congress have turned their back on Working Middle Class and Poor Legal Citizens in favor of Cheap Labor for Big Business

On Aug 11, 5:00 pm, "R.S." wrote:
This Administration and Congress, who support allowing illegal
invading aliens and their offspring to remain in this country, have
turned their back on working middle class and poor legal citizens in
favor of cheap labor for big business, they even go so far to allow
these same illegal alien lawbreakers, to collect social service
benefits, via anchor baby rights, and to allow use our social service
programs at the working middle class and poor's expense through
federal, state, and local taxes.

While Illegal Invading Aliens, often collect cash (under the table)
wages, to the benefit of the illegal employer by eliminating costs
through bypassing and avoiding social security taxes, medicare taxes,
federal income taxes, and state taxes, also avoiding employer pension,
health care and life insurance costs.

There is no way that legal working class citizens can compete with
this far cheaper illegal invading alien labor force nor can the legal
employers following the rules and hiring only legal citizens compete
against these illegal invading alien hiring companies, who have a much
lower cost of doing business than legal citizen hired companies.

These corrupt Illegal Alien hiring Companies are even futher reducing
their illegal alien employee wage costs, by having these wages
directly subsidized through these social service benefits derivided
from the misused, ill gotten federal, state, and local taxes forced
upon the working middle class and poor legal citizens, who legally pay
all these taxes and follow the law, forcing us to pay subsidies to the
very competition of illegal labor which has stagnated our wages and
taken our jobs.

This Administration and all of Congress, that support any form of
allowing illegal aliens to remain in this country, don't deserve to
remain in their job. They have betrayed the working middle class and
poor legal citizens by destroying our opportunity for fair wages while
they allow big business to continue to reep record profits at the
expense of the working middle class and poor legal citizens.

We must no longer tolerate this betrayal, but demand immediate action
by Congress. Demand substancial fines and jail time for ALL Illegal
Employers (not just only the ones doing business with the Federal
Government), strict penalties and permenant expulsion of illegal
aliens by properly documenting all illegal aliens being deported via
bio-metric data, pictures, fingerprints and identifing marks/tattoos
and a federal complete data base which is easily accessable to all law
enforcement officials (local, state, and federal) .

Demand immediate reporting of criminally detained suspected illegal
aliens by local, state, and federal law enforcement officials to ICE
(Immigration and Customs Enforcemnet). We can no longer tolerate a
single criminal act by any illegal alien due to our blatant lack of
Immigration Law Enforcement.

Not one legal citizen should ever have to suffer as a victim of any
crime of any illegal alien, due to the direct lack of enforcement by
all our governments (local, state, and federal, at all levels), in
allowing this we allow for the degeneration of our society for big
business' sake.

We should be able to anonymously report suspected illegal aliens to
ICE, but the one time I tried, they where more concerned about my
information, than the information of the whereabouts and activities of
the suspected illegal aliens I was trying to report (the only reason I
can figure for this would be to retaliate against me for being a
concerned citizen and deter me from reporting for the very fear of

The President and Congress can no longer justify their support for
these atrocities. We demand enforcement and a true commitment to all
legal citizens to support our interests instead of illegal invading
alien lawbreaking criminals.

Contact Congress, Demand Enforcement and remove all benefits to
Illegal Aliens, their offspring, and their Employers, nation wide! We
the Legal Citizens don't owe them our means of living!

Please Contact your U.S. Senators and U.S. House Representative


Email Congressional Staff members to make your voice heard

For more information:

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