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Default Craig Watts

I had sent a note to Craig telling him about Big Jim's passing. He is
very appreciative of me letting him know. He then told me about his own
health issues he has and given me permission to pass it along.

Here it is:

Thank you for reaching out and including me. Thank you and everyone else
for thinking about me. I have gone thru a major change in my life but I
am dealing with those issues. I might as well spill the beans to you and
I welcome you to share with everyone in ABF.

Last Thanksgiving I was dealing with an open wound (post op). I also had
a abssess on my foot. I was being treated in out patient at the local
hospital. Around Thanksgiving everything healed up and I was discharged.
Then, towards the end of January I was feeling sick and throwing a
fever. I went to numerous doctors and they thought it was the flu.
Finally I went to this doctor that asked has anyone done blood work? I
said no and he decided to do the test. I was to return three days latter
for the results.

Three days later I could not get out of bed to get to my appointment. I
called the wife at work and asked her to call and cancel. She said get
dressed, the ambulance is on the way. Turns out my blood test had come
back with a massive staph infection in my foot/leg. Cindy got there
minutes later and said it looked like a ER code blue nightmare. Bottom
line, they had to take my left leg to save my live. Dr said if I had not
come in I would never have woke up in the morning.
I almost left the building.

So as of Feb 4th I too have been living as an AKA amputee. I thank the
Lord for my live and for my many friends and family for their support.
They were the reason for my fight to live. I am in a wheelchair working
on a prosthetic. I am a stubborn ****ing ******* too. I got back to work
half days and this week end traveling to the mountains for family Christmas.

I hope to stop by ABF soon. It has been challenging thru many computer

Talk to you soon,

Craig Watts
ABF and SFB forever

So it seems as Craig needs to learn how to do some things differently
now. I am sure he is up to the task.


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