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Default campagna ivineyard victims

if you sue the LLc, campagna and proudhon and idell will hide behind
it ditto tony griffin (bar disciplnary committee anyone?) and declare

since they committed fraud, you must and should form a legal
cooperative and sue as a class campagna, proudhon and idell and toni

or get individual attorneys (good corporate specializing in debt
collection and banckruptcy law) and act individually or sell your
debts to a collection agency.

do not buy into the lie that idell or campagna have any authority to
transfer anything from gabrielli winery to anyone adn if you do you
will get ensnared into the criminal investigation and end up paying
their lawyer fees for wine that will not be able to be removed,
transferred, sold, bartered or marketed.

do this now and get a good place in line.

sign nor agreee to meet with nor orally imply agreement to idell,
campagna toni griffin, kathy miller (a new lawyer merely on retainer
who when she finds out how deep is their fraud, how deep is ther
fraud, will prolly dump them and return the rretainer money as should
any lawyer proffered by these con guys.)

the ttb has restored ownership to gabreilli winery as of the tenth and
control is not and never will be in the hands of these fraudsters
(campagna who tried to buy a bank like a no-moeny-down hustle and
ended up narowly missing jail.)

vineyards in northern califorinia are national treasures due to the
unique climate and soil and should not be made into swaths of
mcmansions (ticky-tac oversized prefabs on small lots on drive-in
motel-stlyed roadways.

first, water and pollution and when destroyed can never be replaced.

idell has some grapes in sonoma and was trying and still is trying to

neither as individuals,nor as the LLC do these con-arteissts control,
nor own, nor can take title to nor transfer the inventory which is
going bad as we speak and oh, yeah idell is wealthy and campagna
too yet they won't dip their own pockets to pay you off?

sign thier letters and you absolve them of any damages claims you may
have against them andof the debts they owe you.

and for idell to go aftera widower's mite after the lady helped hunt
nazi war criminals during the occupation and was and is 1/4 maternally-
Jewish by blood (raised Roman Catholic), and that of a Japanese
Soldier who was in the anti-war fifth column with respect to the
imperial guard and acertian Baron in the palace not to send up
Hiltler's gifts to Japan of dirty bombs and rockets that could reach
chicago, all of west coast usa and utah, well i think it is dispicable
to then try and be a leadership at a fancy yeshiva and boast of being
a model to his kids in such a matter of morality or any other way.

the ghosts of a nazi-hunter and the blood ofher children cry out like

this is not Israel and such are not philistines or cananites to be

rottweilers have shame and are more honorable and moral than this
IDol--Idell. for he has made a graven image of dishonesty and of his
own ego and burnishes his golden calf with every breath he takes.

and campagna, force and fraud may bethe way of machiavelli, but thati
is not the way my calabrese mother taught us.

and takahashi, we noh`

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Old 30-04-2007, 01:42 PM posted to
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Default campagna ivineyard victims


if you sue the LLc, campagna and proudhon and idell will hide behind
it ditto tony griffin (bar disciplnary committee anyone?) and declare

1) Why can't you do it yourself?
2) Why don't you just get lost?
Think pink, drink rose'

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