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Old 15-01-2006, 08:40 PM posted to alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian,
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Default does anyone else identify with this?

On Sun, 15 Jan 2006 16:35:43 GMT, "penny" wrote:

I just became a vegetarian a couple months ago so I haven't experienced what
you're saying but maybe you can look at it like you're an example to the
rest of the world.
When people have asked me why I became a vegetarian, I start out with, "Have
you ever seen how farm animals are treated..."

Yes I have. Some of them have terrible lives of negative value. Some
of them have decent lives of positive value. The first time I walked in a
broiler house I wished that I could give my chickens a nice place like
that. The same is true of when I went into the houses where their parents
are raised. Not contributing to lives of positive value for farm animals is
not superior to deliberately doing so imo, though afaik I'm the only one
posting who feels that way. We can be fairly certain that you don't or
you wouldn't be announcing that you deliberately try to avoid doing so.

and most people stop me right
there and say they don't want to hear any more.

Like what? I want to hear it.

Just because others bury their heads in the sand, they feel they must
reinforce their own lifestyle by questioning yours.

There's absolutely NO reason not to question the ethical superiority
of veg*nism. There are a number of reasons why we should though,
the main of which imo being to determine whether it is or not. Were
you not aware of that, or is it just another aspect of things that you
don't want people to think about? From my experience it has always
been the veg*ns who don't want to think and don't want others too,
and you are already a prime example of that by the fact that you're
afraid to question your own lifestyle and don't want anyone else to
either. You have taken a most extreme approach, and don't want
anyone to question whether or not it's a good one...kinda' seems
like that should tell you something.

I used to tease my sister about being a vegetarian

In what way(s)? Could you see faults in it before that you can no
longer see? And/or are there great things about it that you can now
see, but previously could not?

but she was also an
inspiration. Keep up the good work.

It can't be considered good work by anyone who promotes
decent Animal Welfare for livestock, since it certainly does
nothing to contribute to it.

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