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Default The Destroyer of Idols - The Story of Our Prophet Ibrahim

The Destroyer of Idols - The Story of Our Prophet Ibrahim

When spring came, water flew in the Tigris and the Euphrates. People
were delighted, so they held celebrations in the city of Urr and other
cities Of Babylon.

When spring came and level of water rose in rivers, the farmers were
glad, for their crops would increase.
The people of the city of Urr went to Zaqqura, which was a pyramidal
temple. They took with them gifts to offer them to the gods,
especially the god Mardukh.

The people of Babylon held celebrations outside their cities. They
chose pretty places to dance, to eat, and to drink. When the
celebrations were over, they came back to their the city and went to
the temple.

The temple was on the top of Zaqqura in the city of Urr. There was a
row of numerous gods made of stone.

The people of Babylon worshipped the sun, the moon, the stars, Venus,
and the King.

At that time, over four thousand years ago, Namrud b. Kan'an was the
king. He imprisoned and killed people. He took whatever he wanted of
their crops. So some people worshipped him because they were afraid of
his power.

In spring people went to the temple carrying gifts such as goats and
wheat. They offered them to their gods so that they might be pleased
with them and to bless them.

Some people were fortune?tellers and astrologers, so the King himself
asked them for advice, and people gave them gifts, for they were
afraid of them.

The Birth Of Prophet Ibrahim

One day the fortune?tellers of the temple came to Namrud and said to
him: "The stars have told us that a baby boy will be born. He will end
your kingdom."

Namrud asked with anxiety: "When will he be born?"

The fortune?tellers replied: "He will be born in this year."

In that year Namrud ordered all the male babies to be killed.

Our Prophet Ibrahim, Allah's friend, was born in that year.

His mother feared for his safety, so she took him and went to a cave.
She put him in the cave and went home.

No one knew what had happened. Namrud killed many male babies in that
year. The mothers wept over their babies. Some babies were only a few
months old; some were only a few days old; some were only a few hours

Namrud was afraid of the foretold baby. The year passed, so Namrud
became calm, for he had killed all the male babies.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was born in the city of Kawthariya, near Urr and
Babylon. He grew up in the cave.

Allah, our Lord took care of him. He taught him how to suckle his
fingers in order to survive.

Namrud wanted to kill Ibrahim, but Allah wanted him to live. Allah
wanted Ibrahim to guide the pagan people so that they would worship

Ibrahim grew up in the cave. One day his mother came to the cave. She
embraced, kissed, and took him home. The soldiers of Namrud thought
that Ibrahim was two or three years old. They did not realize that he
was only a few weeks old, so did not take him away.


At that time, people worshipped idols. They worshipped Mardukh? the
God of Gods?, Ay?the God of Justice and Law?, Seen?the God of Heaven?,
Ishtar, and many others. Many people worshipped Venus, the moon, and
the sun. At that time, no one worshipped Allah, the Glorified. Our
Prophet Ibrahim was born and grew up at that time.


Azar was an astrologer. He made idols that represented different gods.
Namrud himself consulted him.

Our Prophet Ibrahim lived in Azar's house, for Azar was his uncle. For
this reason, our Prophet Ibrahim called Azar: "My father."

When Ibrahim grew up into a young man, Allah, the Glorified, blessed
him with great intelligence. As he had a clean and pure heart, he did
not believe in idols nor did he prostrate himself to them. He was
amazed to find the people worshipping the very idols that they had
made with their own hands! He knew that Allah was greater than those

When it got dark, Ibrahim went to the city to look for the truth.

There was light only in the temple. The people who worshipped Venus
looked at the sky humbly. They thought that Venus was their god, and
that it supplied them with their livelihood and gave them blessings.

Ibrahim stood up with them looking at the sky. He was looking for the
truth. He was searching for the true Creator of the world. In the
meantime, the moon shone. It appeared in the sky sending its silvery

Our Prophet Ibrahim was a wise young man. He wanted the people to
correct their corrupt beliefs. He wanted to say to them that Allah was
greater than their idols. Therefore, he said to them: "The moon is my

The people who worshipped Venus turned to him and asked him: "Why have
you chosen the moon as your lord?"

Ibrahim answered: "Venus has set, so it is not a true god; the true
god should not set!"

Time passed, and the moon passed through the sky until it

After an hour, the sun shone, so Ibrahim said: "That is my lord! That
is greater!"

Some people believed in Ibrahim's words when they said to each other:
"Perhaps, he is right because the sun gives us light and warmth

When the sunset and it got dark, Ibrahim looked at the sky and said:
"I am going to refrain from worshipping the sun, for it sets and the
true god should not set! Now, I am going to worship Allah, Who has
created Venus, the moon, the sun, the earth, and all of us."

The Believing Young Man

Ibrahim said: "I am not afraid of the idol gods nor am I afraid of
Namrud." These words of his spread through the city, so all the people
knew that he mocked their gods.

When Ibrahim was 16 years of age, all the people of Babylon knew that
he did not worship their gods, and that he mocked them.

One day, Azar, Abraham's uncle, saw Ibrahim making an idol more
beautiful than those he made. In the beginning, he was glad, for he
thought that Ibrahim would take care of the idols in the temple, but,
at last, he was sad when he saw him breaking the idol into pieces.

Azar was angry with Ibrahim, so he said to him: "Ibrahim, why have you
broken the god into pieces? Are you not afraid of the anger of the

Ibrahim politely answered: "Father, why do you worship what neither
hears nor sees nor avails you in the least? Father, do not worship
Satan. Surely, Satan is disobedient to the Most Merciful (Allah)."

Azar said angrily: "Do you dislike my gods, Ibrahim? If you do not
desist, I will certainly revile you. And leave me for a time."

Ibrahim greeted Azar before leaving his house, saying: "Peace be on
you. I will pray to my Lord to forgive you. Surely, He is ever
Affectionate to me."

Ibrahim prayed to his Lord to guide Azar into the light and faith.

He separated himself from people to worship Allah, the One and Only.
People went to their temples all the time. They bowed to idols and
gave them gifts, but Ibrahim did not bend to idols nor did he give
them gifts.


All the people worshipped idols, the stars, the sun, and the moon.
They also worshipped Namrud, the King. Thus, our Prophet Ibrahim
thought of a way to guide them to worship Allah, the One and Only.

Spring came, so flowers opened, and the river was full of water.

People rejoiced at spring; they celebrated the arrival of spring,
fertility, and growth.

At that time people went outside the city to hold their celebrations.
They ate, danced, and played. Then they returned to the city to give
gifts to their gods and fortune-tellers.

When people got ready to go outside the city, our Prophet Ibrahim did
not go with them, so they asked him: "Ibrahim, why do you not go with

"I'm ill," replied our Prophet Ibrahim.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was sad for his people, for they did not know the
right path.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was different from his people, for his clothes
were clean, and he cut his nails and hair.

All the people, including Namrud and the fortune-tellers, went outside
the city to celebrate spring.

Our Prophet Ibrahim stayed in the city. He took an axe and went to the
great temple. There were many idols in the temple. Some of them were
small; some were big

There was a very big idol. People called the idol Mardukh, the God of

The temple was completely empty when our Prophet Ibrahim entered it.
There was nothing inside it except idols and the bad smell of blood
and meat.

Our Prophet Ibrahim looked at idols, and then he asked himself: "Why
do my people worship idols that do not help them?"

The idols were motionless at their places. They did not move or speak
or do anything.

Our Prophet Ibrahim asked the idols angrily: "Why don't you eat?"

There was no answer except his words that echoed in the empty temple.

Our Prophet Ibrahim wanted to destroy the idols to show the people
that their idols were mere stones.

So he drew his axe and began destroying the faces of the idol gods,
and then he broke the idols into pieces.

When he reached the biggest of the gods, he did not destroy it. He
only hung his axe on its shoulder and left the temple.

He looked at the sky and saw white pigeons flying peacefully in the

When the spring celebrations had ended, the people of Babylon came
back to the city.

The dark night had covered the city, so it was time for the people to
give their gods gifts.

They went to the Great Temple in a long procession carrying torches,
and gifts.

The fortune-tellers led the procession.

The fortune-tellers and the people were astonished to see their gods

The gods had been broken into pieces. All the gods had become ruins
except the biggest one.

The biggest of the gods had been motionless in its place for many
years. However, it now carried an axe on one of its shoulders.

No one walked towards the biggest of the gods to ask it what had

The biggest of the gods was also silent as usual, for it was a mere

Noise broke out when the fortune-tellers asked each other: "Who has
destroyed our sacred gods?"

One of them answered: "I always hear a young man called Ibrahim mock
the gods. He says that they are useless. So I think that he has broken
them." Accordingly, the fortune-tellers were very angry with Ibrahim.

The Trial

Namrud came to the temple because something dangerous had happened. He
feared for his throne, so he ordered Ibrahim to be arrested. He
ordered him to be tried in the temple.

The judge sat beside Namrud in the temple, which was full of people.

The soldiers brought the young man, Ibrahim. They made him stop before
Namrud and the judge.

The trial started with the judge's questions.

The judge asked Ibrahim: "We know that you mock our gods. We also know
that you don't celebrate the arrival of spring as the people of
Babylon do.

"Now, tell us who has broken our gods. Have you broken them,

Ibrahim replied calmly: "No, the biggest one has broken them. Ask it
if it can speak."

All the people looked at the biggest of the gods, which was carrying
an axe on one of its shoulders. They knew that it did not speak

The judge asked Ibrahim: "You know that the gods cannot speak, and
that they cannot answer."

Thus, Ibrahim asked: "So why do you worship what you have made with
your own hands?

"Why do you worship idols that do not harm nor avail anyone nor speak
nor receive your gifts?"

All the people bowed their heads. The judge also bowed his head. They
asked each other: " Ibrahim's right. Gods shouldn't be made of stone.
Why do we worship idols that have neither soul nor life?"

The fortune?tellers were angry with Ibrahim. They did not want people
to follow the right path, for their power would come to an end.

Thus, they shouted: "Don't forgive Ibrahim, for he's destroyed the
sacred gods! Don't forgive him, he's destroyed our gods that give us
blessings and fertility!"

Namrud supported the fortune?tellers. He remembered their previous
prophecy: "A person will be born, and he will destroy your kingdom."

Thus, he said with anger: " Ibrahim has committed a crime! Judge you
must punish him!"

All the people stood up for Namrud and supported him.

Then Namrud said: "We must protect our sacred gods! We must punish
Ibrahim by throwing him into the fire!"

Very few people felt sad for Ibrahim. Among them were Sarah, Ibrahim
's cousin, and Lot.

Sarah was a wise young lady. She believed Ibrahim's words. Lot was
also a wise man. He believed in Allah, the One and Only, and the
message of our Prophet Ibrahim.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was imprisoned until the people gathered a lot of
wood and made a big fire to throw him into it.

At that time Namrud wanted to discuss with Ibrahim about Allah the One
and Only.

Ibrahim came to Namrud's palace, He stopped before him. He neither
bowed nor prostrated to him.

Our Prophet Ibrahim was afraid of no one except Allah. He worshipped
nobody except Allah, the Glorified

Namrud asked Ibrahim "Ibrahim who is the God you worship?

Our Prophet Ibrahim replied: "I worship Allah Who gives life to the
dead and brings death the living."

Again with haughtiness Namrud said: "I also enliven people and make
them die!"

He clapped his hand and commanded his guards: "Bring me two prisoners?
one who has been sentenced to imprisonment and the other has been
sentenced to death "

The guards brought him two chained prisoners.

Namrud commanded the swordsman: "Cut off the head of this prisoner.
Then release the one who has sentenced to death."

Namrud turned to Ibrahim and asked him: "Did you see what I did. I
brought death to the prisoner who was only sentenced to imprisonment
and gave life to the one sentenced to death."

Our Prophet Ibrahim refrained from discussing with Namrud on such a
matter, for what Namrud had done was incorrect. For this reason he
asked him: "I worship my Lord, for He makes the sun rise in the east.
Can you make it rise in the west?"

Namrud was astonished at Abraham's question, for no one had asked him
such question before.

However, Namrud kept silent. He was unable to answer.

The Four Birds

Once again Namrud discussed with Ibrahim on the matter of life and

He said to him: "I can give life to people and bring death to them.
However, your Lord is unable to do that. You only claim that."

Again the guards brought Ibrahim out of prison. They made him stop
before Namrud, who asked him: "Don't you say that your Lord give life
to people and bring death to them die? Come on, show me that!"

Our Prophet Ibrahim looked at the sky and said: "My Lord's power is
over all things!"

Then Ibrahim raised his hands towards the sky and said: "My Lord, show
me how You give life to the dead."

Allah, our Lord, asked: "What! Do you not believe?"

Our Prophet Ibrahim replied: "Yes, but in order that my heart may be
at ease."

Then Allah, the Most High, ordered Ibrahim to take four birds,
slaughter them, and then to put parts of their bodies on four

No one was able to give life to the four dead birds except Allah, Who
created all things and gives life to man, animals, and plants.

Our Prophet Ibrahim stood on one of the mountains and shouted at the
top of his voice: "Slaughtered birds, come to me with the permission
of Allah!"

Then a wonderful thing happened. The heads of the birds returned to
their bodies. Then their wings and their souls came back.

The birds' hearts began beating. Their wings began flapping. Then the
birds flew high in the sky. They quickly sat at the feet of our
Prophet Ibrahim and he prostrated to Allah, the Almighty Creator.
However, Namrud disbelieved in this sign and commanded his guards to
take Ibrahim to prison.

The Great Fire

The people of Babylon had a lot of oil, tar, and sulfur. They
therefore decided to make the greatest fire in their country in order
to punish our Prophet Ibrahim, who destroyed their gods.

Thus, they gathered wood outside the city for over a month and poured
tar and oil on it.

The day of carrying out the punishment of Ibrahim came, so the people
of Babylon went to see his punishment.

Namrud's soldiers brought our Prophet Ibrahim, and then the fortune?
tellers came and made a great fire. The wood burnt quickly because it
had been soaked with oil and tar.

The flames of the fire were tens of meters high.

The people of Babylon retreated so that the fire would not burn them.
As for our Prophet Ibrahim, he looked calmly at the fire, for he
believed in Allah and was not afraid of anybody or anything except

Ibrahim's hands were tied. The fortune?tellers thought that he would
be afraid of the fire, and that he would apologize to them for
destroying their gods. However, Ibrahim was waiting calmly for his

Then a problem arose, for no one was able to approach that great and
furious fire.

The fortune?tellers asked each other: "How can we throw Ibrahim into
the fire?" So they held a meeting and thought about a way to solve the
problem. One of them suggested a satanic idea: "We must put Ibrahim in
a catapult."

The fortune?teller drew a picture of the catapult on the ground. The
picture was Satanic, for the catapult would be able to throw Ibrahim
in the fire from far away.

The workers started building the catapult. Once it was ready, the
soldiers brought Ibrahim and put him in it, but he was still very

The people were looking at the young man, Ibrahim. They were
astonished at his patience and firmness.

At that critical moment an angel came to Ibrahim and asked him: "Do
you need any help?" Namrud's soldiers brought our Prophet Ibrahim, and
then the fortune?tellers came and made a great fire.

Ibrahim thought of nothing except Allah, the Glorified. He only asked
Him for help.

He asked Allah, the Great and Almighty, to fulfill his need when he
said to the angel: "I don't need anyone except Allah. I won't ask
anybody to meet my need except Him."

Ibrahim was loyal to Allah and believed in Him. So Allah, the Most
High, examined his faith and loyalty.

The soldiers drew back the ropes of the catapult. All of a sudden,
Ibrahim was flying into the air and moving to the center of that great

As Allah the Glorified, created fire and gave it the ability to bum,
He was able to take that ability away from it.

Thus, He, the Glorified, ordered the fi "O Fire! Be comfort and
peace for Ibrahim."

The flames went on roaring but amazingly?they did not bum Ibrahim.

The fire did not harm Ibrahim. It only burnt the ropes with which the
soldiers had tied him.

The area on which Ibrahim fell became a beautiful garden of flowers,
but the fire surrounded the garden.

The flames of the fire went on burning in space, but they were comfort
and peace for Ibrahim.

Allah, the Glorified, tested Ibrahim. He knew his loyalty. So He
honored him, saved him from the fire, and supported him against his

Namrud waited for the fire to die out. He wanted to know the fate of
Ibrahim in order to celebrate his victory over him.

The fire was very great, so it went on burning for days and nights.
Then it gradually abated and died out.

Namrud went to the fire to see what had happened to Ibrahim. He wanted
to know whether Ibrahim had turned into ashes or not

Namrud and the people of Babylon were astonished at seeing Ibrahim
alive. They understood that the Lord of Ibrahim was Powerful, Great,
and Almighty. So they left Ibrahim to lead a peaceful life. Itemid=605

On Jan 18, 11:52*am, arah wrote:
Hindu Brahmin Preist revert back to Islam Part1

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Default INNERVIEWS OF ASTROLOGY - Interviews - Hinduism Today

On 1/19/2012 9:43 AM, arah wrote:
The Destroyer of Idols - The Story of Our Prophet Ibrahim

Namrud - Amrood babble deleted

Was Lady Kaka involved in the altercation with Namrud or Amrood, or
whatever his name is?

VB, Ubetjotushy

About the Jihadi Loon Squad:
A jihadi loon is someone like Jade Muckeraj.

"Jade Muckeraj" aka "The Old Cow of Hawaii"
tries her best to pretend she is a Hindu -- cutting and pasting, and
even doctoring what others post/write about Hindus/Hinduism on the
internet, deliberately pidginizing Sanskrit and providing wrong
translations, inventing brand new books in the Mahabharat (reducing it
to Muckabharat), stalking and abusing people who disagree with her by
hijacking their posts, and then cuts and pastes about Hindu ethics and
moans self-righteously about honesty -- and succeeds spectacularly in
convincing all, except other jihadi loons, that she is not a Hindu.
She is in fact a creepy jihadi loon, who thinks she owns the newsgroup
s.c.indian, and has absolutely no problem slandering anyone. As a
Indian citizen supposedly, she meddles in US political issues, and
advocates civil war in India.

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