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Willie Lim
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Default List of Malaysian Restaurants ($Revision: 0.25 $).

List of Malaysian Restaurants

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[ $Revision: 0.25 $
$Date: 2003/12/28 02:59:20 $
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RCS tracked Version 0.0 started on Sun Jan 15 17:23:42 1995.

Created by Willie Lim ), Sun Jan 10 20:45:24 1993
Thanks to all who sent in their contributions. ]

Cuisine codes (this list is predominantly for Malaysian restaurants):
cn Chinese
fr French
id Indian
in Indonesian
jp Japanese
mm Myanmarese (Burmese)
my Malaysian
ph Filipino
sg Singaporean
th Thai
vn Vietnamese

Albany, California, USA
Rasa Sayang Restoren (in,my)
977 San Pablo Ave
Albany, CA
(510) 525-7000
I wouldn't be so excited about Rasa Sayang. The food is not bad for
someone who is away for a long time and just dying to have a taste of
Malaysia, but $8 for a bowl of curry mutton with 3 pieces of bite-size
meat simply isn't worth it. From:
(Hong Chew)
....went to this restaurant last week but was informed that
it has moved to a new location (still in Berkeley and under
the same name) since 3 or 4 months ago. From: DOL
The Rasa Sayang restaurant in the bay area is no longer in Berkeley.
The new address is 977 San Pablo Ave, Albany. Tel 510-525-7000
From: Shoba Kalia

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Asean Curry House (my)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: 612 7537
Bored S'porean housewife trying to kill her time?! Favourite hang out
for the SQ ers. I make better fishhead curry!! Unless you're really
desperate, don't waste your money. (Keep in mind I'm very critical)
From: Thian Hoe (aka

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bojo (in)
Lange Leidsedwarstraat 51
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: 622 7434
Very popular inexpensive cosy place famous for it's greasy food?!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Malaysian Satay Restaurant WAU (my)
Zeedijk 35, 1012 AR
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: 31 20 4212487
....specialized in charcoal grill satay (chicken, goat, lamb,
beef)...serve Nyonya (Chinese and Malaysia mix) food and it is
Halal. The restaurant is situated 100 mtr from the Amsterdam Central
Station. From: maleisrestaurant

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sampurna (in)
Singel 498
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel: 625 3264
...Someone in your list mentioned an Indonesian restaurant in front of
the flower market here in Amsterdam. There are a couple in that area
but the one RIGHT IN FRONT is called Sampurna...
From: Thian Hoe (aka
I forgot the name of the restaurant but it's in front of the flower market
Good food (overall)
From: Shanudin Zakaria

Atlanta (Norcross), USA
Mandalay (Malaysia House ?) (mm,cn)
5945 Jimmy Carter Blvd
Norcross, GA 30071
(404) 368-8368 ?
(770) 368-8368 ?
....take 85 north(-east) outside perimter (285) then take first exit,
JC Blvd. go left over 85, restairant in on the right in less than a
mile, tucked in where it's hard to see...$7 for chicken entrees...
Kaw Soy was great here 2-3 years ago when they first opened,
comparable with what i've had in Chaing Mai in north Thailand. i had
it again recently and it was a tasty but tame soup of no
distinction... on the other hand, their Lap Pat Dok (tea salad) is
still incredible, and worth the trek out from the city for.
(Colm Mulcahy) Ronny Egan
The dinner dishes range between $6.50 and $9.95 which is the norm here
in Atlanta. They have most of your usual fare. The food is pretty
good, especially the rojak, satay and rendang.
From: Jeffrey Thompson

Atlanta, Georgia
Penang Malaysian Cuisine (my)
Tel: 770-220-0308
From: Willie Lim

Atlanta (Roswell), Georgia
Rasa Sayang (new in Atlanta) (my)
1085 Holcomb Bridge Road
Suite #80
Roswell, GA
(770) 643-8812
I found the service, food and presentation were all very good. They
have a great range of items on the menu (incl. Chinese food).
From: "Greg Osborne"

Auckland, New Zealand
Mercury Food Archade (my)
At least 3 Malaysian food stalls serving Fried Kueh Teow, Prawn Mee,
Chicken Rice etc...From: "Chin Fook, Lai"

Barcelona, Spain
Bunga Raya (my)
There's a place called Bunga Raya, claiming to be Indonesian and
Malaysian in Barcelona, Spain. It's near the corner of Carrer de la
Princesa and Carrer de Montcada, one block north on Montcada and a
few meters east. From:
(Jim Gottlieb)

Bethesda, Maryland
Penang Malaysian Cuisine (my)
Voice: 301-657-2878
From: Willie Lim

Boston, Massachusetts
Banana Leaf Restaurant (my)
Tyler Street
Banana Leaf Restuarant is a nice new Malaysian thing in Boston, MA,
USA. It is the only Malaysian Restuarant in Boston. The Belachann
Kang Kong and Char Quay Toew is excellent, they even give you chilli
balacaan as condiment too! The owner said they are planning to serve
Roti Canai and Chendol soon. From:
(Eddie Phoon)

Boston, Massachusetts
Penang Restaurant (my)
685-691 Washington Street
Boston, MA
From: Fiona Tai Farzan

Boston, Massachusetts
Pandan Leaf (my)
250 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 02446
Tel. 617-566-9393
From: Fiona Tai Farzan

Boston, Massachusetts
Tiger Lily (my)
8 Westland Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Tel. 617-267-8881
From: Fiona Tai Farzan

Brisbane, Australia
Mrs Menon's Curries (my)
Shop 21, Park Village Shopping Centre
Cnr Riverhills Rd & Horizon Drive
Middle Park
Tel: 07-3376 1088
(approx. 1 km from Mt Omeny Shopping Centre)
I would like to recommend this restaurant as being the best restaurant
serving Malaysian and Singaporean dishes just on the outskirts of
Brisbane at Sinammon Park. Ramesh (owner and chef) is from Malaysia
and his grandmother rolls the rumpah for the curries for him. His
prices are within reach of all clients.
From: Joachim FERRER

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The Original Bali Restaurant (in)
7-5308 17th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I liked the satay which was served with real peanut sauce. From:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Sizzling Wok (my)
1312 - 12th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB
(403) 228-1611
Run by Malaysian Chinese family from Ipoh. Long established with
excellent food. Serves genuine ice cold Tiger beer from Malaysia.
From: Doug Porter

Canberra, Australia
Sammy's Kitchen (my)
Garema Centre, Bunda Street, Civic.
(05) 247 1464

Lots of yummy stuff including noodles, chendol, ice kachang, etc.
From: Mathew BM LIM

Chicago, USA
Penang Malaysia Restaurant (my)
2201 S Wentworth Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
At S Wentworth Ave and W Cermak Rd
(312) 326-6888
From: Boon Sun Song

Chicago, USA
Saigon (cn,my,vn?)
... serve both Malaysian & Chinese dishes. The Hai Nan Chicken rice
there was good. From:
.... right outside the entrance to Chinatown. Just been there couple of
days ago, not too impressed but what the heck, it's the only one close
in distance or taste !! From: (absolut skeptic)

Dublin, Ireland
Langkawi Malaysian Restaurant (my)
46 Upper Baggot Street
Dublin 4, Ireland
Tel: 668 2760
Food is ok, roti canai not as good as Penang (Flushing, New York).
From: Willie Lim
This is a truly malay restaurant. It offers almost 100 percent malay
dishes; daging rendang, sambal tumis udang, lemak udang galah, just to
name a few. Even cencalok is available. It gets a good review in the
local press. Price wise, well I would say reasonable!

Dublin, Ireland
Rasa Sayang (my???)
4 Merrion Road
Dublin, Ireland
Tel: 660 8833
Got the address from the phone directory but couldn't find it.
From: Willie Lim

Edinburgh, Scotland
Singapore Sling (my,sg)
503 Lawnmarket (Royal Mile)
Edinburgh EH1 2PE, Scotland
Tel: 031 226 2826
A nice restaurant near the entrance to Edinburgh Castle
Overall - Good food and nice surrounding
From: Shanudin Zakaria
Food is pretty good. From: Willie Lim

Edison, NJ, USA
Penang (my)
505 Old Post Road
Edison, NJ 08817
The Penang is on Old Post Road, just off of US Route 1 South, in the
South section of Edison.
From: "James Adrian van Wyk, PE, PP"
Got the address and phone numbers from a Web site. From: Willie Lim

Edmonton, Canada
Indonesian Satay House (was Malaysian Satay & Noodle House) (my)
82nd Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E1Z9
(403) 433-6336

The Malaysian Satay and Noodles in Edmonton have gone belly up (Chup
Lup) long time ago. From:

Edmonton, Canada
Tropika Malaysian Cuisine (my)
6004 104th Street (61st Avenue at 104th St.)
Edmonton Alberta
T6H 2K3
TEL-(403) 439 6699
FAX-(403) 439 6644
....a new and exceptionally good Malaysian restaurant...First rate
rendang kampung, excellent ikan daun pisang (pomfret cooked in a
banana leaf with spices) even a very good roti canai. The satay is
authentic KL, same flavor and quality.
From: Satya Das

Egham, Surrey, U.K. (th)
Silk Cut
Small, about 10 tables, but very cosy and friendly atmosphere. A
typical meal for 2, with a bottle of table wine, costs about 40-60
pounds sterling. From:
(siew ming lau).

Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
Bali (in,my)
Owner is from Ipoh, Malaysia. Has a variety of Malaysian and
Indonesian food.
From: Willie Lim

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Allina Adnan's place (an invitation) (my)
No Malaysian restaurant exist in Honolulu, Hawaii but my house is
probably the nearest thing to a restaurant. Roti Jala, Nasi Ayam,Nasi
Lemak, Bubur Kacang, Asam Laksa, Mee Bandung and Ikan Bakar cicah air
asam. Plus some kuih melayu. But patrons do not have to pay,just e-mail
to get invited while you are visiting Hawaii.
From: Allina Adnan

Arlington, TX, USA
Ria Malaysia (my)
115 E.Pioneer Pkwy.
Arlington TX 76010
(across from Winn Dixie between New York and Colins St.)
Great Beef Redgand From: "Rahul Dabke"

Houston, TX, USA
Malaysian Kitchen (my)
....really good Nasi Lemak and the Asam Laksa was not Bad too.
From: mohsain essa
I've been told that this place has closed down.
From: Willie Lim

Jackson, MS, USA
I-55 at McDowell Road
Jackson, MS
...a delightful surprise to find an authentic Thai restaurant in
Jackson. Wonderful food, friendly staff. It's like being transported
to Thailand. From: "J. Mingee"

London, UK
Basement of MARA house (Tube: Paddington) (my)
This place serves much better food than Malaysia Hall. It's a little
bit more expensive than Malaysia Hall but still well within the
budget of us poor students. Has a typical "warong" atmosphere.
From: Jojo

London, UK
Bugis Street Cafe (my)
Ashburn Place
London SW7 4LH
Tel: 0171-411-4234
(at a corner from Gloucester Station, in front of Forum Hotel)
....a good Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant. The place is run by
either Malaysians or 2nd generation Singaporeans. The cook is
definitely Malaysian :-) ...The buffet there was reaonably priced at
less then 10 pounds." From: Vivian Oh

London, UK
Jakarta (in,my)
12(?) Shaftesbury Avenue
Tube: Leicester Square
From: Willie Lim

London, UK
Malaysia Hall (my)
Everything - Good and Cheap
From: Shanudin Zakaria

London, UK
Malaysian Kopi tiam (my)
No. 9 Wardour St.
Tel: 0207 4341777
opening hrs. 1100 - 2300
The food is great and the noodles are home made. The cook once worked
for Regent Hotel in K.L. From: "Alison Smith"

London, UK
Mawar Restaurant (id,my)
Tube: 2-3 minutes walk from EdgwareRd. tube station.
Food is good and not that expensive. Affordable for us
student.(govt.sponsored) Better than Malaysia hall and Mara
house. Only malay food. Check out its masak lemak cili api, it's
really hot! From:

London, UK
Melati (my)
Great Windmill Road (off Shaftesbury Avenue at Piccadilly Circus)
Tel: 171 437 2745
Tube: Piccadilly
Food is pretty good except for some of the noddle stuff...however it has
an annoying policy of letting you including tips in the Credit Card need to use cash for tips. From: Willie Lim
It is no longer there. From: Mohani Mohariff

London, UK
Nancy Lam's Enak-Enak (in)
56 Lavender Hill
London SW11 5RQ
Tel: 171 924 3148
Great rendang, homemade ice cream. Nancy is very entertaining.
From: Willie Lim

London, UK
Oriental Gourmet (in,my,th)
32 Great Queen St.
Tube: Holborn
From: Willie Lim

London, UK
Penang Restaurant (my)
41 Hereford Road, London W2 4AB
10 tables in the basement, take aways and open kitchen on ground floor.
Recommended dish: Inche Kay Bin, Satay, Grilled fish and Beef Rendang.
From: Mohani Mohariff

London, UK
Rasa Penang (my)
315 Putney Bridge Road,
London SW15
Phone: 0181 789-3165
Fax: 0181 780-1128.
Hours: Noon to 2.30 p.m.
6.00 to 11.00 p.m.
(11.30 p.m. Friday & Saturday)
Open Everyday Except Monday
From: Seksun Hunsawaeng
Can some please check this out and send me the details (address,
phone number, nearest Tube station, comments, etc.)
From: (William Y-P. Lim)

London, UK
Rasa Sayang (my)
Queensway (Tube: Queensway or Bayswater)
A more commercial place than MARA house and Malaysia Hall and hence
more expensive. Do a great buffet most days which is great value. Good
food more importantly.

This place has closed down or moved. (This entry will be deleted in
the next published version of the list.) From: Willie Lim

London, UK
Satay House Malaysian Restaurant (my)
13 Sale Place (Off Sussex Gardens)
London W2 1PX
United Kingdom
Tel: 0171 7236763/ 0171 7061609
Specialty:Authentic Malay Kampung Food.
From: BanditLeader

London, UK
Singapore Garden (my)
154-156 Gloucester Place
London NW1 6DT
Tel: 0171-7238233
I know it almost sounds a little off the mark because it is
"Singaporean" but I assure you that the food is brilliant. Curry
Laksa is worth trying! Their Kangkong-Belachan and Chicken Rice
dishes are yummy. From:

London, UK
Singapura (my???)
Saw this restaurant during a cab ride from Liverpool Street Station to
Piccadilly Circus (don't know its precise location could be near one
of the station on the Central line). Could somebody check it out? Or
tell me which tube station it is near so that I can go check it out the
next time I'm in London. From: Willie Lim

Los Angeles (Orange), USA
Asian Deli (my)
320 E. Katella Ave #J
Orange, CA
...great indonesian food, tahu telor, kangkang tumis, lontong, mee siam
and Nonya dessert like tape From:

Los Angeles (Anaheim), USA
Chicha's Cafe (my?)
1040 West Katella
Anaheim, CA 92802
Tel: (714) 520-9988
Fax: (714) 520-9997

Los Angeles (Rowland Heights), USA
Hainan Chicken Restaurant (my)
Hong Kong Plaza
18406 Colima Road, #B
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Tel: (818) 854-0385
Directions: from I5, take 60 E towards Pamona, or from I15, take 60 W
towards LA. Exit Fullerton Rd, go south and turn left on Colima, go
about 50 - 100 meters and turn right into Hong Kong Plaza. Hainan
Chicken Restaurant is just before Hong Kong Supermarket.
Well known for their Hainan Chicken rice that comes with two variety
of chicken, roasted and steamed...both are excellent... There are
other Malaysian and Chinese cuisines that are really good too such as
Yong Tau Fu (served only on weekends, I think), Nasi Lemak, Curry
Noodles, Penang Laksa, Beef Randang, Hokkien Fried Noodle, Curry
Chicken, Bak Kut Teh etc...Highly recommended. Reasonable prices.
No credit card. From:
(Joshua Lam)
....I enjoy their low prices, curry noodles, nasi lemak. Their weekend
special which my friends like include curry yong tau foo. Cheap but
basicaly a noodle shop. From:

Los Angeles (Pasadena), USA
Kuala Lumpur Msian Restaurant (my)
W Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105
(818) 577-5175
KL dishes, quite expensive. In old town Pasadena. From: Hiok-Tiaq Ng

Yup, it is still there, and still expensive. But non-Malaysians like
it. From: "K.C.Goh"
....too expensive, being located in old town Pasedena.
Service was good, food was average. From: "Greg Osborne"

Los Angeles (El Monte), CA, USA
Little Malaysia (my)
3944 N. Peck Rd # 8
El Monte, CA 91732
Tel: 626-401-3188
FAX: 626-401-2680
Penang Dishes, as it is run by Penang people The phone is (818)
401-3188. Actually it's in El Monte, on North Peck Road, off
I-10. From: Hiok-Tiaq Ng
Laksa is too watery, not enough fish. Servings are standard US sizes
(i.e. no comment necessary). From: "K.C.Goh"
....Little Malaysia is good...From: (HANKOK P NG)
Area code for phone number has changed from 818 to 626. From: Willie Lim

Los Angeles (Monterey Park), USA
Litz Restaurant (my)
201 E. Garvey Ave.
Monterey Park, CA 91755
Best singapore style steamed chicken rice this region also
recommended are laksa, kah kut teh, boh boh cha cha and curry chicken
and chinese style baked pork chop From:
Area code for phone number has changed from 818 to 626. From: Willie Lim

Los Angeles (Alhambra/San Gabriel), USA
Yazmin (my)
27 E. Main Street
Alhambra CA 91801
(old address: 19 E. Main Street, Alhmabra, CA 91801-3514)
(626) 308-2036
KL dishes, standard prices. From: Hiok-Tiaq Ng
Recommended. Pretty good and improving. We like the Pasembur. They
seem to be getting good LA Times reviews too. They've got Fish head
curry but we've never tried it. From: "K.C.Goh" good. My girlfriend likes the Ying Yang noodles...
This restaurant is actually quite good. The prices aren't bad at all
ranging around $5-$8. The curry laksa is probably one of their best
dishes. Drawback to their rise in popularity - the prices rose while
portions shrank. Otherwise, it's still quite good.
New address From: Jim Gottlieb
New address. Food, in particular Penang Har Mee and Nasi Lemak, is
good but roti canai not as crispy as those of Penang in NYC. Also
Chicken Rendang is a little too soupy...should be a drier curry.
From: Willie Lim

Manchester, UK
The Penang Village (my)
131 Birchfields Rd,
Manchester M13 OUE
Food is very good although a bit over-priced. Ais-kacang and sotong
goreng are nice while the fired rice is spicy enough for a typical
malaysian. Definitely my favourite.
From: Adzreen Aziz
I was trying the Kari Laksa and Char-Kuey-Teow. Laksa was too sweet
and coconut-ish, and the fried kuey-teow was .... unrecognisable. The
size of the dishes were pathetic anyhow for the price, which was
about ?? each. From: Deric

Matawan?, NJ, USA
Sultans Palace (my) on Monmouth County/Intercounty Route 516, just
West of New Jersey Route 35 South, towards the Matawan train station.
I'm not sure of the town borders, I think it probably in Aberdeen, NJ
From: "James Adrian van Wyk, PE, PP"

Milpitas, CA, USA
Banana Leaf (cn,id,my)
Combination of Chinese, Malay & Indian. Excellent food.
From: "Rahul Dabke"

Minneapolis/St. Paul, USA
Singapore Chinese Cuisine (cn,my)
1715-A Beam Avenue
Maplewood, MN55109
612-777-7999, 612-777-7741
Excellent food, mid priced ($8 average). The owner, from Ipoh,
features 2 menus - a Chinese menu and a Malaysian. His daily specials
are the items to watch out for. Located in a suburb of the
Minneapolis/St. Paul region. This restaurant has been hailed many
times by local newspaper and national, including his fish head curry
and beef rendang (both times by a local caucasian critic). My
favorite is prawn mee, rendang and his fish cooked in sambal.
, "Poh-Hin Lim, MD"

Melbourne, Australia
Chilli Padi (my)
Bridge Road (Richmond)
....a wonderful Malaysian Restaurant which has the very best Laksa that
I have found both here and in Malaysia and Singapore...Not only is the
Laksa most wonderful and also addictive but the prices are good. A
must try!! (And no, I don't work there!)
From: Lyn Hoare, First Lastname

Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA
Bangkok Oriental Cuisine (my)
Rt. 3
Merrimack, NH.
(603) 886-9074
....serves mostly South East Asean food, including some M'sian
delicacies (satay, char-koay-teow, etc).
(Merilyn S. Ch'ng)

East Hanover, NJ, USA
Penang (my)
200 Route 10 West,
East Hanover, NJ 07936
Got the address and phone numbers from a Web site. From: Willie Lim

New Haven, (East Haven) Connecticut, USA
Bentara (my)
??? Foxon Road
New Haven, CT ???
Many noodle dishes, some fine dry curries and some good starters (satay,
jelatah, etc.). No trouble getting enough spice. As authentic as I can tell,
and much more than I'd expect in CT. Be sure to ask what's not on the menu;
we've had Kelantan laksa (if not, Penang laksa is on the menu) and some
special desserts (athere's always ABC).
From: Dave Schweisguth
The menu consists of mix varieties of noodles dishes, kari, kuew teow,
rice noodles (stir fried and soups). The rice dishes also included
like curry, kerutuk, rendang, hot & spicy (goreng pedas) and perchik
(chicken and fish). Desert includes ABC (Air Batu Champur) and others
depending on the mood like bubur pulut hitam (black rice pudding),
buah melaka, seri muka, bubur kacang hijau etc. We feature satay
(beef and chicken), pechal, rojak, roti chanai, roti
murtabak. (Submitted by Part Owner) From: Jeff G

New York (Brooklyn), USA
Sunset Park in Brooklyn
....both the food and service are excellent also and regulars like
myself get seating priority and super friendly service.

New York (Flushing, Queens), USA
Classic Malaysian Restaurant (my)
Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354
(718) 359-8998

....It is down the street from Penang Seafood, on the corner of Prince
and Roosevelt I believe. It also has an extensive menu, and has
dishes that Penang Seafood doesn't. Their Hainan chicken rice is
excellent, better than Penang's I think. Their dishes are usually not
as spicy as Penang's, if that is a plus.
(Flora Tsai)

New York (Flushing, Queens), USA
Home-Made Fast Food Restaurant (cn,my)
135-37 40th Street
(718) 886-9048
....combination of Taiwanese/Malaysian eatery, where the steam table
selections on a recent evening (pick 3 for $3.75) included kelp stewed
with pork, a scallion-strewn ginger chicken, and a stir fry of bitter
gourd and green chiles. Try their bizarre version of bacon and eggs:
hard boiled with thick slices of bacon floating in a sweet and sour
broth. Baked goods and Chinese food round out the menu...They also
have typical Malaysian dishes like curried chicken with potatoes,
etc. From:

New York (Flushing, Queens), USA
Kuala Lumpur (my)
Char Kway Teow, Hainan Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh, Heh Mee, Kajang Satay, Assam
Laksa, Nasi Lemak. From:
(Kok-Yong Tan)
....the "Kuala Lumpur" restaurant in Flushing...has gone belly-up.
There's a new Malaysian/Thai (???) restaurant named "Sultan" in its
place. From:
(Kok-Yong Tan)

New York (Flushing, Queens), USA
Penang Seafood (my)
38-04 Prince St., Flushing, N.Y. 11354.
Tel: 718-321-2078
On Prince between 37th and 38th Streets
Lor Bak (the ngoh hiang is good), Hae Mee (prawn mee), Oh Chien (oyster
omelette), coconut drink, ice kachang (aka Ayer Batu Champok or ABC)
(Kok-Yong Tan)
The service could use some improvements though. I asked for Bubur Cha
cha and repeatedly asked the waitress if she knows what that is. She
said yes and I got Ais Kacang in the end. Also, since it's very
famous now, it's very crowded and there is always a line waiting to be
served. ... Nevertheless, the best Penang food so far in New York City
is the one mentioned above. Still, it couldn't rival the food at home.
Doesn't even come close, in the humble opinion of this natural born
Penang food critic. From: Adam
....thought the dishes we ordered were very authentic--roti canai,
kangkung belacan, ikan pari assam curry and sar hor fun. The chendol
wasn't very good though so I would not recommend it. From: THE BROACH
So far, I think it's fine, but I don't know why some people are
convinced it's the best Malaysian restaurant in the 5
Boroughs. Perhaps they ordered something I haven't tried yet. (I've
had, among other things, roti canai, asam laksa, kangkung belacan,
chicken curry, and some shrimp dishes, I seem to remember.)

New York (Jackson Heights), USA
Rasa Sayang
75-19 Broadway, Jackson Heights, New York

New York, USA
Ba Ba (my)
53 Bayard Street, New York, New york
New York, NYC
Heard about this from a friend. Please send me street address and
phone number. From: Willie Lim
It's on Bayard St. just across from the southern end of Elizabeth, and
it's very popular. It's part of the Penang/Nyonya chain, and it has
the same kind of prices and hip, young crowd as Nyonya. I ate there
once, and was very satisfied with their roti canai (though I prefer it
thicker like I used to get at the stalls outside the Pasar Chow Kit in
KL in the 1970s, and spicier), kangkung belacan (spicy and tasty), and
peanut pancakes. From:
Excellent prawn mee for less than five bucks, can't beat that.
Nyonya and BaBa each have about 135 items on the menu. BaBa's food, decor
and service are no less than excellent. Nyonya in Sunset Park in Brooklyn,
both the food and service are excellent also and regulars like myself get
seating priority and super friendly service. From: "RAY COLLINS"
I've been back to Baba a few times (the last time a few months ago),
and the food has been of consistently high quality. They don't skimp
on the chili or the belacan. The decor is somewhat fancy IMO, and the
prices are not as cheap as a Malaysian restaurant without pretensions,
such as New Taste Good (covered below). Expect to pay somewhere
between $17-22 or so if you get a biggish meal with main dishes.

New York, USA
Coco Reef (ny)
222 7th Avenue
New York, NY

New York, USA
Franklin St. Cafe (my,fr)
222 West Broadway
New York, NY
French-Malaysian restaurant. Good rendang ayam, Penang mee, curry mee
and some French food. The cafe is owned by a French and a Malaysian.
At the Franklin St. subway station (# 1 or 9 train) at the corner of
W. Broadway and Franklin Street. About twice the price of Happy Joy.
From: Willie Lim

New York, USA
Harden & L.C. Corp. Malaysia Restaurant (my)
43 Canal Street
New York, NY 10002
Tried their fishball curry mee which is OK. From: Willie Lim

New York, USA
Happy Joy (my)
On Canal Street at the meeting point of Canal, East Broadway, Rutgers
and Essex. East Broadway station on the F line (subway).
Great curry noddle (mee and/or meehoon) with yong tow foo (stuffed
tofu, eggplant, hot peppers), yow-yee-oung-choy (kangkong (spinach)
and sotong (squid) with a sweet spicy sauce) chee-cheong-fun,
nasi-lemak, char-kuey-teow, Ipoh kuey-teow, Hokkien mee (Penang Har
Mien), leong-char (cool, sweet, sugared, herbal drinks),
boh-boh-char-char, etc. From: Willie Lim

New York, USA
Hee Loy Tong (my)
This restaurant was reviewed in the New York ties $25 and under about
a year ago....I went there on a few occasions, and my favorit dishes
were fried pigs intestines (nice, clear flavor), fish head curry
casserole, a fried eggplant dish made with oriental eggplants ,
onions, and lots of blanchan, the malaysian crabs, which were dry,
rubbed with curry, and cooked with herbs. From: "Divack Alan"

New York, USA
Heng Heng (my)
[has a new name and new owners;
From: Willie Lim
Taken over by people who allow cockroaches into their Assam Laksa
(only found out when I reached the bottom of the bowl. Bleah.)
(Kok-Yong Tan)

New York, USA
Indonesian/Malaysian Restaurant (in,my)
18 Doyers St (a basement location, Off Pell St. & off Bowery)
New York, NY
Good Soto Ayam, Lontong (with decent pergedel). Acceptable kang kong belachan
and curry chicken. Hainan Chicken rice has its ups and downs (particularly the
chicken.) Fish in lotus leaf is a tad bitter but some may like it that way.
(Kok-Yong Tan)
From: Alexander Karinsky
Well-done vegetarian dishes don't exist as such on the menu...but you
can ask: a. Curried vegetables and pork skin--without the pork
skin. This is spicy, full of veggies and tofu, and feeds two people
for $6 plus rice. My absolute favorite. b. On-choy sauteed in
garlic. The closest dish on the menu is on-choy in fermented bean
sauce. That is good, too, but tastes 'off' once the dish cools. When
sauteed in fresh garlic, the on-choy is tender-crisp and has a great
roasted garlic flavor, and tastes good even after the dish cools. c.
Eggplant with salted fish casserole--without the salted fish. Rather
oily, but you can order it with less oil, and the eggplant has a great
smoky flavor... d. The curried veggie dish is very spicy, and the
burn, which invariably makes newcomers cough at least once during the
meal, needs some attention. I like the iced coffee, which is very
cheap and tastes great, with the condensed milk and burnt sugar syrup,
or the chendol, which cuts the burn with coconut milk and the same
burnt sugar syrup. They now only use kidney beans rather than azuki
beans in the chendol, but it is still quite good.
From: Eric Moss

New York, USA
Ipoh Garden Malaysian Chinese (my)
Eldrige, New York, NY 10002
(212) 431-3449

New York, USA
New Malaysia Restaurant (my)
(was Malaysia Restaurant Inc)
46-48 Bowery Street
Chinatown Arcade #28 (between Bowery and Elizabeth)
Bowery, New York, NY 10013
(212) 964-0284/2257

The only thing that's authentic about this place is that the staff
speaks to each other in Hokkien. Forget the Hainan Chicken Rice
(whoever heard of this dish sprinkled with a watery achar???); forget
the satay (on metal skewers with meat chunks that were intended for
stir frying and with a weird curry marinade) fact, forget this
place altogether. From:
(Kok-Yong Tan)

New York, USA
New Taste Good (my)
(Doyers St. and Bowery in Chinatown) a cheap, dependably good Malaysian restaurant - nothing fancy,
nothing great, but you know what you're getting and it's nice comfort
food. Avoid squid dishes unless you like dried, reconstituted
squid. Everything else is probably good. I've been there many
times. Most often, I have some kind of noodle soup (either curry or
asam), but I have also had their roti canai, petai belacan, kangkung
belacan, and several other dishes (I recall a lamb cooked in a
casserole). I've liked everything but the squid.

New York, USA
194 Grand Street (my)
New York, NY 10013
From: "Robert Escavich"
Good food but a little more expensive than Happy Joy.
From: Willie Lim
This restaurant is somewhat hit-or-miss. I've had at least one great
meal there and a number of good meals, but if you order wrong or get
there on the wrong day, you can have mediocre food....Incidentally, I
like their laksa.) Expect to pay around $20 for a full meal, unless
you get just mee or something like that.

New York, USA
Penang (my)
41-43 Elizabeth Street
New York, New York, NY
(212) 481-8722
Like the other Penang restaurants but cheaper (more competitive with
food prices in the neighborhood). From: Willie Lim

New York, USA
Penang (my)
109 Spring Street (between Mercer and Greene Streets)
SoHo, New York, NY
(212) 274-8883
Mentioned in New York Times, Friday Dec. 12 1994. Satay, Loh Bak,
Roti Canai, Chendol, Ice Kacang, Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak,.. Good
(especially roti canai and Loh Bak) but too much sugar in some of the
sauces (and not spicy enough) and in the satay seasoning/marinade.
Appetizers $3.60-$6.95, Entrees $9.95-$19.95, desserts $4.95-$5.50
From: Willie Lim
This branch of the Flushing Penang Seafood is bad, bad, bad. The
staff is cluess, the food is expensive, the quality is disgusting
(char kway teow with pad thai noodles???) and the quantity may be
discerned only with an electron microscope. Surprising that they
share the same owners. Yucko. From:
(Kok-Yong Tan)
The SoHo location on Grand Street is a trendy hang-out with a scaled
down menu and western wait staff in Malay traditional dress, generally
clueless. Not a bad spot if you want to chill out at the bar...

New York, USA
Penang (my)
1956 2nd Avenue, New York, New York
New York, NY
2nd Ave. and 11 St.
Penang is quite a chain. There are other branches, e.g. on Second Av.
and 11 St., and Elizabeth St. just north of Canal. There is a
difference between the food in different branches. I have not been to
the Flushing branch, but the general consensus seems to be that it is
by far the best, and some say it's the only really authentic one. I
have found the food at the 2nd Av. branch to be less than adequately
spicy, and too much skewed toward the lemon grass and such.
All The Penang locations with the exception of the Penang Bar and Grill, are
part of a chain which includes the Nyonya and BaBa restaurants. The
Manhattan Penangs generally cater to Western tastes and most of the spicier
dishes are absent from the menu. From: "RAY COLLINS"

New York, USA
Penang (my)
240 Colombus Avenue, New York, New York

New York, USA
Penang Bar and Grill (my)
64 3rd Avenue, New York, New York

New York, USA
Sentosa (my)
(3 Allen St., near Division IIRC).
I've been there once - a couple of days ago - and had asam laksa
(best-tasting in New York, though the noodles were hard to chew - with
big pieces of wonderful, fresh fish, which I thought was mackeral,
though I didn't ask) and bubur gandum (pleasant). All for $6.25 plus
tip. The waitress did not question my order of laksa, by the
way. [smile] She told me that the chef is from Ipoh, which didn't
surprise me since I remember how good the food in Ipoh was when I
visited that city. I will be back. From:

New York, USA
Sin Ma Restaurant (my)
Bayard St at Mott St. (diagonally opposite the ice cream store)
New York (Chinatown)
Acceptable char kway teow, bak kut teh and wet seafood hor fun (with
the egg white sauce a la Singapore's Hokkien Street.) Periodically
decent belachan kang kong. From:
(Kok-Yong Tan)

New York, USA
Three Degrees North (my,fr)
210 Spring Street
(212) 274-0505
A fantastically upscale Malaysian restaurant in Soho, one of whose
owners is said to be a Malaysian princess (whatever that
means). Entrees are in the $12-24 range...From:

Long gone. The location is now the site of a seafood restaurant, Aqua
Grill. From:
(Robert Buxbaum)

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Matahari (my)
From: Feisal

Oakville, Ontario, Canada
College cafeteria of Bronte College (my)
....The owner (Mrs. Loo) of this cafeteria is from Penang...many good
Chinese, Penang style and so on Malaysian foods.
From: L_GAN Gan Lip Hong

Oklahoma City, USA
Malaysia House (my)
Corner of Penn Ave and 44th (or 59th???)
From: popu

Ottawa, Canada
Chahaya Malaysia (my)
Bank, Ottawa, ON K1S3V3
(613) 237-4304

Excellent (HOT :-) beef rendang, pretty good tom yum soup, satay Bank
Street (can't remember the exact address). It's listed in the Ottawa
phone book. From: BALAKRISHNAN
....good Malaysian foods and the restaurant full of culture of
Malaysia. From: L_GAN Gan Lip Hong

Palo Alto, CA, USA
Straits Cafe Singapore Restaurant (my)
3295 El Camino real Road
Palo Alto, CA 94306
P (650) 494-7168
F (650) 494 0188
From: "Rahul Dabke"

Perth, Australia
Mahsuri Satay Restaurant (my)
....Satay and all authentic Malay food like mum cook (100 % halal)
From: bahar

Perth, Australia
Sunrise Malaysian Restaurant (my)
73c Leach Highway, Willagee
09-337 9935
Serves the best satay I have ever tried in Perth. Has great rendans,
fish currys, acars, and other authentic Malaysain food. Owners are
from Malaysia and have cheap lunch menu. Which includes Hainese
Chicken Rice, Char Siew rice, Laksa and Nasi Lemak. Give it a go...!
From: Zulkifli

Philadelphia, USA
Penang Malaysia Cuisine (my)
117 N.10th St.
Tel: (215) 413-2531
Almost the same as NYC Soho's Penang, a bit cheaper though. Same owner I
guess. Food: OK lah.... From: "Rita WanChik"

Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill), USA
Oriental Balcony (my)
Has a few M'sian and Burmese dishes,
never tried them yet. Not strictly M'sian
On Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill
From: Hiok-Tiaq Ng

Pittsburgh, USA
Spice Island Tea House (in,my,sg,th,mm)
251-253 Atwood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213. It
....prices are very reasonable. The establishment is run by 2 Burmese
guys and on the whole, the food' not bad, although not as "authentic"
as one would like it to be. I didn't like their fried kuay-teow as I
found the noodles hard and not "smooth" enough. I haven't had problems
with anything else. From: Chae Lian Diong

Polanco, Mexico
Sate Singapore
Polanco, Mexico (my)
Anyone stranded in Mexico with no possibility of having any chili crab,
sate, nasi goreng, etc? Got an Otak Otak attack? Think again! There's
this place in Polanco called "Sate Singapore". I don't know the street
name, but it's between Mazaryk and Horacio, more or less where the
Secretaria de Turismo is on Mazaryk. It's a short street, so keep your
eyes open. It's not tough to find. Proprietor: Philip Ong.
(Manuel Uribe)

Reading, UK
Rickshaw Restaurant (my)
Everything - just OK
From: Shanudin Zakaria

Richmond, Canada
Tropika Malaysian Cuisine (my)
Unit 1-3, 8280 Lansdowne Road
Richmond BC
V6X 1B9
Tel: 604-278-6002
FAX: 604-278-6433

San Francisco, USA
Hing Wah Restaurant (my,cn)
3015 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, CA
(415) 751 8006
It looks like a regular Chinese restaurant but it has a section on its
menu for great Malaysia/Singapore food. They have very cheap and good
Malaysia/Singapore set dinner: $28 for six or $68 for ten. Highly
recommented for the Malaysian set dinner. Cheap and excellent food.
(Wing Nip)

San Francisco, USA
Singapore Malaysian Restaurant (my)
Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 750-9518

The food was alright (lunch). I had mee goreng which was almost the
same as that from the vendors/hawkers in Penang. But the best was
their sotong curry. From: Jeffrey Thompson

San Francisco, USA
Straits Cafe Singapore Restaurant (my)
3300 Geary Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 668-1783
Absolutely fabulous food! From: Shahed Ameer
Great spicy fish wrapped in leaf dish (forgot the name of the dish),
good curry and other stuff. Check out their desserts too e.g.,
chendol and ice kachang. From:

....don't forget to ask for the oversea edition of the New Straits
Times (Singapore) that they have. Usually they keep a whole month
worth of the Straits Times. From:
(Ong Phaik Or)

Santa Monica, California
Just Satay (my)
There used to be a restaurant called Just Satay in Santa Monica (I
wonder whether it's still there) It only sells satay.
From: Shanudin Zakaria

Seattle, USA
Rasa Malaysia (my)
Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 328-8882

The Rasa Malaysia in Seattle, the food is bad, they sure ruin the
reputation....the Rasa Sayang is not a restaurant type but somesort of
a vendor, serving fastfood and mind you they even reheat the food in
the microwave..I rather have the food fresh from the wok than the ones
sitting under a chicken coop heat light. From:
(Chri Goh)

Seattle, USA
Rasa Malaysia (my)
E Green Lake Dr N, Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 523-8888

I have tried the Rasa Malaysia restaurant at Green Lake Dr in Seattle. I would
recomend that you do NOT go there. I think Rasa Malaysia is a misnomer (either
that or I have been too long away from Malaysia). I persume the other Rasa
Malaysia restaurants are run by the same people and the food would be equally
bad, although I have personally not tried them.
(Senthilvasan Supramaniam)

Seattle, USA
Rasa Malaysia (my)
Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 781-8888

Seattle, USA
Rasa Malaysia (my)
Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 624-8388

I learned about this place from this list, and decided to check it out
since I was in the area around September '95. I won't be going there
again, that's for sure. It's not a restaurant; it's a fast food
place. From:

Seattle, USA
Rasa Malaysia Restaurant (my)
University Way Ne, Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 545-7878

Seattle, USA
Malay Satay Hut (my)
Absolutely the best in Seattle - always crowded. roti highly
recommended. Unfortunately a recent fire means the restaurant is
undergoing refurbishment. I met some workmen near the door and they
said 3-4 months, so should be back in business by May.
From: Penny Espinoza

Seattle, USA
Wild Ginger (my)
Corner of Western Ave. and Pike (near the piers)
The food is so-so catering more to the non-Malaysian client.

The above restaurant serves mainly Thai/Chinese dishes. Voted to be
the #1 place in Seattle to take a first-date out to (according to a
6/95 Seattle Weekly, if memory serves me correctly). On a scale of
1-10, I'll give the food a 7. From:

Suffolk, UK
Satis House, Yoxford, (on A12 road) (my)
Quite high class, small (8-10 tables), reservations, etc.,
but the food is good (if not of the same class as the KL
Street vendors.. ) and the English Mansion-style house
has pictures and items from M'sia decorating the walls all
around the place. Quite good - a place to go to "eat out",
rather than to have something to eat.. if you get my
From: Thomas Dolphin )

Tokyo, Japan
Hahi (my)
Shibuya Tokyo
It is really good and is run by an Indian Muslim with a Malay
wife. His name is "Hahi". To get there, take the Hachiko exit from
Shibuya station and proceed towards Dogenzaka 109. You should pass
Dogenzaka 109 on your left-hand side and pass the little old
restaurant set into the side of the 109 building. Directly across and
up on the third floor is "Only Malaysia". If you go, tell Haji that
Neil sent you. From: "Neil E. Forsberg"

Toronto, Canada
Bunga Raya Restaurant (my,th)
2908 Markham Road (at McNicholl)
Tel (416) 21-6988(???)
From: Ai ling Yew - HTMG/W94
Excellent value for food. Specials starting at $3.99 (Hainan Chicken
Rice, Noodles, etc). Tasty food and cosy atmosphere. Furthermore,
Bunga Raya Restaurant has maintained a WWW site. It is located at: I shall say the correct
address and complete phone numbers are there too. From: Poh C. Tan

Toronto, Canada
Sri Malaysia (closed? moved?) (my)
1 Baldwin, Toronto, ON
(416) 585-9052
....the food is so-so. My wife and I do not think it is really
authentic Malaysian food though the menu includes many Malaysian food
such as nasi lemak, chendol, laksa, satay, mee goreng, roti canai and
many more. Nevertheless, a lunch buffet is served almost everyday for
those who wish to sample "Malaysian" food. In addition, the location
is ideal. The CN Tower, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and Chinatown is
within walking distance. From: Adrian Kah-Yun Yap
I have in effect, patronized both restaurants [Bunga Raya and Sri
Malaysia in Toronto] and found the food at Sri Malaysia extremely
authentic and delicious. From: Ai ling Yew - HTMG/W94
Sri Malaysia restaraunt in Toronto closed this week (July 16, 1996).
They might be moving elsewhere, but they are not on Baldwin Street any
more. There is a new Malaysian restaraunt on Baldwin just down the
street from where Sri Malaysia, but I cannot recall the name.
From: Mike Godfrey

Tucson, USA
Seri Melaka (my)
6133 E. Broadway (at Wilmot, opposite O'Reilly Chevrolet, next to MacDonald)
Tucson, AZ 85711
Tel: 602-747-7811
FAX: 602-790-2707
Offering buffet malaysian & chinese cuisine
(MaZri B. MaiSeh)
....really good and authentic daging rendang Nasi Lemak, and except for
the peanut sauce which was too sweet...the food was good too.
From: mohsain essa
Good Nasi Lemak, sambal squid, fried keow teow, bobo char char (a
little watery though and little sweet potatoes). Curry mee is not too
good...not the right kind of noodles and meats.
From: Willie Lim

Vancouver, Canada
Banana Leaf (my)
Junction of Oak and Broadway
I was just in Vancouver, Canada with a Malaysian friend of mine and we
discovered a Malaysian restaurant called the Banana Leaf on
Broadway(sorry I don't know the complete address). We both thought it
rocked though, so I thought you might want to add it to your list. The
roti canai and nasi lemak were v. good!
From: "John W. Akers"
It is very popular even among the locals because of its excellent
food. I am in no way related to the restaurant but I patronize the
restaurant almost all of the time when I visit Vancouver.

Vancouver, Canada
Aunty Ann's Restaurant (my)
3381 Kingsway
Vancouver, B.C. V6R 5K6
Suggestion: mee goreng, roti chanai, laksa, curry chicken. and satay.
(Chee Siow)
They sell good delicious satay, Hainan chicken rice, Roti Canai, and
Nasi lemak. From: Andrew Lee

Vancouver, Canada
Cafe D'Lite (my???)
2817 W. Broadway
Tel: 733 8882
From: Jacqueline W Tiong ,
"Poh-Hin Lim, MD"

Vancouver, Canada
Nonya Baba (Food service) (in,my,sg)
1118 Davie St.
Tel: 687 3398
Donald/Helen (fellow S'poreans)
Cosy little place, nonthing fancy, extremely friendly. And if I can
count of my memory - one of the best! Thus, highly recommended.
From: Thian Hoe (aka

Vancouver, Canada
Rumah Bali (in?)
2420 Main St.
Tel: 876 5810
From: Jacqueline W Tiong , "Poh-Hin Lim, MD"

Vancouver, Canada
Singapore Restaurant (in)
546 W. Broadway
Tel: 874 6161
From: Jacqueline W Tiong , "Poh-Hin Lim, MD"

Vancouver, Canada
Tak Sangka Indonesian Restaurant (in)
3916 Main St.
Tel: 876 0121
From: Jacqueline W Tiong , "Poh-Hin Lim, MD"

Vancouver, Canada
Tropika Malaysian Cuisine (my)
3105 West Broadway
Vancouver BC
V6K 2H2
TEL-(604) 737 6002
FAX-(604) 737 1433
Now moved from denman street to west broadway, still very good and
probably the best in vancouver. From: Clive Bird
Good foods: Great curry dishes.
(Kam Foo Aw), (Chang Tih Ho),
(Chiow Min Kuan)

Vancouver, Canada
no idea of name (my)
Supposed to be just south of Granville Bridge
after Downtown Vancouver on Granville Street
and I believe it is on the route to the airport from
Downtown. Never tried the place.
From: Hiok-Tiaq Ng

Washington, D.C., USA
Cafe Asia (cn,in,id,jp,my,vn)
1134 19th Street (3 blocks south of Dupont Circle)
Washington, D.C.
Tel: 659-2696
Good Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian food.
Check out their Char Kway Theow. From: Willie Lim
From: Harris Lokmanhakim

Washington, D.C., USA
Ivy's Place Restaurant (my,in)
3520 Connecticut Ave NW (Cleveland Park)
Phone (202) 363-7802
7929 Norfolk Ave (Bethesda, MD) (???? - Willie)
Phone (301) 654-6444
Malaysian, Indonesian enfluenced cuisine. You can't go wrong here.
From: Harris Lokmanhakim

Washington, D.C., USA
Malaysian Restaurant? (my)
M Street
Washington, DC
There is another undocumented Malaysian restaurant on M street at the
interestction of 19th and M street in washington DC.
From: "Rahul Dabke"

Washington (Wheaton, MD), D.C., USA
Malaysian Satay House (my)
Wheaton, MD
From: Gabaree, Sean P.

Washington (Alexandria, VA), D.C., USA
Mandarin Inn (cn,my)
3045 Mt Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA 22305
Phone (703) 548-4052
(703) 836-2300
Best kept secret in Washington DC (but not for long). This is actually a
Peking/Szecuan cuisine restaurant that needs to have a Malaysian section to
their menu. The brother/sister native-Malaysian chefs will prepare Baba and
Malaysian cuisine if you call ahead to discuss the availabilities. Many
Malaysians return here regularly. When calling, ask for Jason and try the
Penang Laksa and Otak-otak. He'll even make Kuih Lapis and Chendol!!
From: Harris Lokmanhakim
Probably the most authentic M'sian food one can find in the Washington
D.C. area. This place is a real "hole in the wall" place and the
decor needs work but the food is excellent. You'll find that many of
their clients are transplanted M'sians living in the D.C.
metropolitan area. They have two menu's - Chinese and M'sian. Ask
for the M'sian one. You'll find items like pasembor (the M'sian
Indian "rojak"), char kway teow, rendang, satay, prawn noodle soup
(Cantonese call these "Har Meen"), and more. You can also special
order M'sian dishes that are not listed on the menu as well as
"nyonya" cakes. Special orders require ample notice given to the
restaurant chef (preferably one or two days). The price of most
dishes is in the "student budget" category with most dished not
exceeding $8 or $9. I highly recommend this place for a true taste of
M'sian food. From:
(Chinchoo Hew)
Here's one Malaysian restaurant in the DC area that my family and I dine at
frequently. Owner is from Alor Star. Cha-kueh-tiao is excellent, so are
the satay, rendang and asam laksa. From: "L. K. Len"

Washington, D.C., USA
Melati (my,id)
35026 Connecticut Avenue (Cleveland Park)
Washington, D.C.
Tel: (202) 537-1432
Good Indonesian food. The red curry shrimp, Udang Beladon (sp?), is
especially good and very (even by Malaysian standards) spicy.
From: Willie Lim

Washington (Wheaton, MD), D.C., USA
Sabang (in)
2504 Ennalls Ave
Wheaton, MD
(301) 942-7859
Indonesian cuisine. Excellent food in a comfortable setting. Bring a good
apettite. From: Harris Lokmanhakim

This is a very authentic Indonesian restaurant. The ikan acar kuning
is excellent and two thumbs up for its rendang too. It's got the best
rendang in the Washington DC metropolitan area - spicy and fragrant !
When in season, ask for the stir-fried "kangkong" (water convulvulus)
sambal belacan style with prawns - it's delicious ! They also have
cendol and putumayam on the menu. Those of you who know and like to
eat your food with sambal belacan, you can request for this condiment
to accompany your rice. It's not on the menu but is available upon
request. This restaurant is also highly recommended !
(Chinchoo Hew)

Washington (Georgetown), D.C., USA
Sarinah Satay House (in)
1338 Wisconsin Ave NW
(202) 337-2955
A well hidden, well appointed Indonesian restaurant. Try the RijsTaffel.
From: Harris Lokmanhakim
This is not the best place to get a true taste of Indonesian cuisine.
I found it to be rather watered down and not authentically spicy. If
you prefer not very hot and spicy versions of the originals, then
perhaps its worth a visit. Nice ambience with an indoor garden.
(Chinchoo Hew)

Washington, D.C., USA
1836 18th Street, NW (my)
Washington, DC 20009
From: Jacqueline Baptist
Malaysian chef/owner Larry Tan places his personal stamp on Msian
cuisine. Wonderful food and a rooftop deck.
From: Harris Lokmanhakim
The name of this restaurant was omitted, it is "Straits of Malaya".
(Bruce F. Gilsen)
It is located in Dupont Circle not Adam Morgan.
From: Lawrence Tan

Wellington, New Zealand
Upper Cuba Street
Recently shifted location. Great Rendang. Very wet Mee Goreng, Cheap
From: Barry Shepherd

Wellington, New Zealand
Satay Kangpong
Wakefield Street
Cheap, no ambience but GREAT food. Brilliant Mee Goreng
From: Barry Shepherd

Wellington, New Zealand
Cinta Kitchen
Courtney Place
More expensive than Bangdong or Kampong at night. But Really cheap
lunch menu. Great Curry Laksa.
From: Barry Shepherd

Wellington, New Zealand
Satay Malaysia
Blair Street
Too european and expensive since they moved upmarket.
From: Barry Shepherd

Wellington, New Zealand
Courtney Place, where Satay Malasia used to be
From: Barry Shepherd

Wellington, New Zealand
Courtney Place
More upmarket.
From: Barry Shepherd

West Covina, CA, USA
Penang (my)
987 South Glendora, Suite 971
West Covina, CA 91790
Got the address and phone numbers from a Web site. From: Willie Lim

West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
Satay House (my)
202 South St.
West Lafayette, IN.
(317) 743-9930
Reasonable prices for satays. There're Mini, Light, Dinner, Combo and
Family Satay Platters. Also there're Gado-gado, Dolma, Beef Curry and
Kwe Teow. Curry Puff is also served. Kelantanese type dishes.
From: Mazlaini Yahya

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Default List of Malaysian Restaurants ($Revision: 0.25 $).

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003 00:59:44 -0600, Steve Wertz

On 27 Dec 2003 22:00:49 -0500, Willie Lim wrote:

List of Malaysian Restaurants

Hmm. I would have thought there'd be some Malaysian restaurants in...


There are Malaysian restaurants _everywhere_ in Malaysia, of course.
Just how long do you want Mr. Lim's list to be? It's obvious what
service he's attempting to perform, isn't it?


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