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Default SousVide Cooking

On Thursday, June 9, 2011 1:28:47 PM UTC-4, Kent wrote:
> "zydecogary" > wrote in message
> ...
> On Sunday, June 5, 2011 7:04:08 PM UTC-4, Kent wrote:
> > In addition to whatever you pay for the water bath component you have to
> > have a vacuum sealer for about $150. Each time you cook you have to use a
> > bag costing about $.60.

> Not at all ......
> You can use the big vacuum 'FoodSaver' type equipment -- some are expensive
> [I have one for which I paid about $85], but some other brands only cost as
> little as $20 [check the Internet - I just did.]
> Even FoodSaver has a rechargeable hand vacuum pump that you can use with
> it's bags with the built in valve that is currently being touted by QVC
> (K29727) that is $30. [I have one and use it for this purpose.]
> Vacuum Sealers are often available at yard sales as people upgrade their
> units to newer models and sell there own. You can pick up an old Tilia or a
> Daisy Seal-A-Meal for pennies that can be used for preparing the Sous Vide
> bags.
> You can get the new Vacuum Bags with the 'zip' closing and the built in air
> valve
> Examples:
> ===Ziploc (SC Johnson) Vacuum Bags -
> ===FoodSaver Vacuum Bags -
> ===Reynolds Handi-Vac Bags -
> ===Debbi Meyers/Reynolds at HSN -
> These bags are REUSABLE. REUSABLE.
> With these you can use either the larger machines, the small hand held
> machines or you can get a $2.50 hand pump sold by Ziploc (SC Johnson) in the
> grocery store that does an excellent job.
> You can ALSO use regular Ziploc or Glad bags driving out the air by using
> the easy Water Pressure Trick.
> From the Internet: "...we vacuum seal the easy and frugal way. Place
> contents in a Ziploc bag and immerse in a sink full of water, keeping opened
> end of bag just above the water line. The pressure of the water against the
> outside of the bag will force out all the air in it. And, voila, it's done.
> Zip shut and you're good to go!"
> This is a pretty good approximation to a bag who's air was extracted by a
> vacuum machine -- for the purpose of home experimental Sous Vide cooking.
> I happen to have a number of types of vacuum devices. A regular FoodSaver
> device (mainly use for long term freezer storage with roll bags), the
> aforementioned rechargeable hand vacuum device which I mainly use with the
> vacuum bags and vacuum containers, an electric vacuum device also made by
> FoodSaver initially for vacuuming wine bottles to maintain freshness -- but
> it works great with the vacuum bags using an adapter and also for the
> FoodSaver vacuum containers. I also have the Reynolds battery hand vacuum
> device that works with bags. In addition I have two types of cheap hand
> operated 'pump' air extractors -- the Ziplock and a brand that I don't
> recall for use with bags.
> In the past, I have owned a Tilia (Italian -- the forerunner to the
> FoodSaver line) vacuum device and a Daisy Seal-A-Meal. I have been using
> vacuum sealing devices for a long time.
> A person getting started with Sous Vide can experiment for only pennies (a
> simple Ziploc bag, evacuating the air with the above water pressure method)
> and a beer cooler warm water bath. It is important to find, on the Internet,
> the appropriate temperature for the water bath for the food you are going to
> cook (it varies according what you are cooking and the degree of doneness
> desired) and the MINIMUM time needed for the immersion in the bath (Maximum
> time is not important as you will not overcook the food.)
> Gary Hayman
> Maryland
> >
> >

> Thanks very much for the info Gary. I'm going to William Sonoma today and
> I'll report back. I'm sure what you've found is much less expensive. Where
> did you get your BB and B coupon?
> I've been interested in using a Ziploc bag to seal beef, sirloin and eye of
> round. I'd put a small amount of brine[mild] into the bag first, then add
> the steak, and then suck the air out[with clean mouth or with the manual
> pump Vie seen from Ziploc. This would give you a bag with no air between the
> bath and meat at a reasonable price. That, then would go into the low temp.
> bath. I spoke with Ziploc and they said the polyethylene wouldn't bread down
> until the water temp. was in the 225F range, which of course you'd never
> near.
> Kent

I get at least one or two a week in the mail. One directly from BBB and one as a coupon in a magazine type weekly publication. I don't believe that the coupons are good for BBB mail order -- only in the store and I haven't checked to see if they are carrying them in the stores as yet. It's a little trip for me.

I use ZipLock and other types of vacuume bags for my pseudo Sous Vide at home. I am still highly interested in obtaining a home model.

I did another piece of roast the other day and it came out pink from edge to edge -- perfect. I have both an electric and a hand pump to void the bags of air. I also have a FoodSaver.

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