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Default Eight Reviews

sorry to bug again, but here's my reviews, I would appreciate any comments
on any beers, my new hobby seems to be rating beers, and I would like to
become adept, not like a beer judge, but I don't want to look silly
either...I've started to notice that my scores are independently very close
to the average; so I must be somewhat on the right track. I know I'm
putting a lot of useless info on there, but it's going to help me rememeber
what I liked how much and where I got it...Is it ok to post the prices like
that online?

****DFH 90'
This was not a beer tasting this was literally an ethereal experience. Does
this make me a "hop-head"? I hope not because this brew is about 300
calories/ 12oz serving; and I'm already "heavy."

****Sam Smith Taddy Porter
The freshness is in question: I'm trying to decipher the code [SD27B1]
tasted like coffee ran through a very unclean maker. I like stouts/porters
but I do not think it was supposed to be this bad. My palate was literally
curling in on itself..

****Capital's Wisconsin Amber
Brewer says it's based loosly on the vienna style, one site has it as a Red
lager. and many reviews said it was lifeless or something to that effect.
I however found it to be very refreshing and thought it had a deep rich
character. Hey, a lager I like!

****Bells' 2 hearted
sipped the 6pack all day long. had this crazy buzz going on all day. I was
like some bee drunk on pollen which had found this "kick-ass" flower and
kept returning again and again. My point isn't to get drunk, but I had the
opportunity which brings me to the question...

What's the last beer you drank (or your choice) to intentionally get buzzed
out of your mind on? And while I'm at it...

When is the last time you actaully drank a bud/miller/coors or non-craft

the head had a snap, crackle pop like a Trappist ale. much like the 60',
but the slightest hint of sweet did not compliment the hop flavor...not sure
what they were trying to accomplish with this. Still a good brew, I'm just
not a fan of many fruit brews. This had to come about by the girlfriend of
the brewmaster saying: "Why don't you have them make something fruity? you
know I like fruit drinks...make something I would like..."

****Expedition - I've given the full rating me!
CONTAINER TYPE: bottle (Conditioned)
FRESH: 6672 (must be mislabled: their site has this as being an Amber Ale
made 11/04. the date is probably right though) Anyway it's almost 2 yrs old
and this is ok for cellaring, but being on the top shelf exposed to
fluorescent light every day might have had an impact
PURCHASED @: Binny's
COST: $2.69/12oz bottle
HEAD: first, then it rose slightly and then diminshed; red in
color; a few huge soapy iridescent bubles among the smaller ones
LACE: spare
AROMA: faint medicine; average hop
PALATE: sticky, flat conditioning
TASTE: cherry flavored cough syrup; cloying, sweet acidic cherry flavor;
astringent average lasting aftertaste

COMMENTS: I was really looking forward to this, but it was nothing like I
expected. I had a flashback to Vick's 44-D cough syrup. Could this Imperial
Stout with ABV of 11.5% become lightstruck? this made my cheekbone muscles
cramp up. Kalamazoo by this brewer is the best stout I've ever enjoyed. This
is a big beer though, it's like climbing a wall. To me the Hop and Cherry
flavors didn't mix. My throat and torso burned for hours after consuming
this. Did I drink it too cold? did I get too much sediment? Is this diactyl
[is this even the taste] flavor from being light struck? or do I just not
like the hop/fruit balance?(I've stated before that I really do not care
much for fruit beers...)
MOWING/WORKING ON CAR- If I owned an Astin Martin(but then I wouldn't be
washing my own car or mowing my own lawn then now would I)
WITH FRIENDS- if they are buying
SIPPING- if I had a fresh one; or one that was cellared correctly (sipping
is the only way to get this one down)
GET MY BUZZ ON- if fresh

****HopDevil-full review
FRESH: 6097 I have this at early april so it's 5.5 months old
PURCHASED @: Binny's
COST: $1.69
HEAD: yellow, minimal; diminishing to lasting thin layer
LACE: excellent; rings that stuck the whole way down
REFLECTED- hazy orange
TRANSMITTED- ruby red w/ yellow tint
AROMA: slight malt; major floral/bittering hops
MOUTHFEEL: medium to heavy; fizzy
PALATE: oily resin
TASTE: bee sting of hops; long aftertaste with swell of bitterness after
liquid is gone (like a Brain-Freeze)

COMMENTS: Completely unbalanced. But that's a good thing w/'s the
point isn't it? Almost as good as 2xhearted's unbalanced-ness. Very good IPA

****Racer5 full review
CONTAINER TYPE: Bottle (Conditioned)
FRESH: 2785G [I'm sure this was fresh, but anyone know how this code works?]
Consumed 9-22-06
PURCHASED @: Binny's
COST: $4.49
HEAD: foamy active 2 finger; slighly yellow; mostly diminishing
LACE: even the head laced on this bad boy; small foamy bubbles on a bed of
large ones; streaking lace
TRANSMITTED- Translucent amber
AROMA: floral hops
MOUTHFEEL: medium; very fizzy
PALATE: resiny; after I poured the sediment into the glass it became oily
START- lightly sweet
MIDDLE- moderate bitterness
FINISH- heavy bitterness; not a harsh aftertaste; smoother than HopDevil not
as smooth as 2xHearted
COMMENTS: Decent balancing for 69 IBU's; TONS of huge floaties from the
sediment. Very good IPA

On deck (in the fridge) is a 6er of Marzen by Summit (think they've done
anything special for their 20th anniversary?)

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