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Susan Leah Bringham
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"Karen" wrote in message news:[email protected]
"Susan Leah Bringham" wrote in message
Anyone who cooks muffins have a recipe for Bluebery muffins that don't
use too much sugar or at least use Splenda?
Got a lot of them this year and want to make all kinds of goodies.

Hi, Susan!

Here's a recipe I tried a couple of weeks ago - these muffins are really

I tried the recipe added pecans and 4 tablespoons of bran to the mix.
It worked wonderfully well. Didn't affect my Bg's at all.
I also made one using soy flour and no 'real' flour and they worked
splendedly also.
Now I am going to make the same recipe with cranberries and apples
plus some nice nuts.
Good going.