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Default TN 2004 Leoville Barton

On Sun, 19 Aug 2007 15:20:21 -0000, DaleW > wrote:

>Last night we grilled a huge (3") ribeye as well as some corn,
>accompanied by a watercress salad.

Must be a cultural thing, NYC versus fly-over country.

I hope you mean it was 3 inches thick or maybe 3 pounds in weight.
Here in TX, if someone put a 3" steak on a plate it needs a lot of
stuff around it to cover for the lack of substance. ;-)

> Wine was the 2004 Ch. Leoville-
>Barton (St. Julien). Surprisingly open from the git-go (is that a real

"Git-go" is absolutely a real word. We use it here in Texoma to denote
the actual commencement point of an activity which we have previously
said we were "fixin to" do.

>Rich, fleshy, ripe but with an acidic backbone. Tannins are
>fine and ripe. Mostly cassis fruit, with a note of sweet licorice.
>Some graphite on the finish. Lovely Medoc with lots of potential, I
>need to cellar my remaining ones, but wow it's lovely now. Maybe I
>should get more. I saved one glass for several hours later, still
>showing fresh and structured,with some mocha notes. Best 2004 I've
>tried. A-

Had to look when I saw the subject header. St Julien has always been
on my short list of approachable and affordable Bdx. Thought you might
be pressing the infanticide point with an '04, but now will get
scouting for some while it still might be available on dealer's

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