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Default fool proof chicken wings

On 20-Apr-2007, "adm" wrote:
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Deep fry is the preferred method at my house as well. How-
ever, I fry wings naked rather then marinated. While they're
fresh from the fryer, I toss them in a mixture of Crystal
Sauce and butter, then salt them liberally. When nobody is
looking I like to bolster the Crystal sauce with something
a little hotter. Lately, I've been grilling wings on my
Farberware electric grill, then treat them the same as
(I'm too lazy to mess with a gallon of oil for only a half
dozen or so wings.)


We pan fry our wings here, too. Have you tried Stuffed Chicken Wings? The
ones in "Thai Home Cooking" (second recipe in the Chicken section) are
almost identical to Jun's and I think you and the missuz would like 'em,
although they are a bit of work.

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