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Default fool proof chicken wings

On Sat, 21 Apr 2007 02:45:16 GMT, wrote:

On 20-Apr-2007, "adm" wrote:

"skeeter" wrote in message
I want to do the following: Take whole chicken wings
(not separate
them - let the eater do that) and fold them locking the
"arm" against
the body, marinate them and smoke them. I'm thinking
something like
zesty Italian dressing should give them some nice zing
and help keep
the moisture in, and just use ROC (maybe a little oak or
apple sawdust
to help keep the heat going). Does that sound like a
pretty good plan
for doing them fool proof? How about time about 2 hours
if it does not
get that hot?

thanks in advance! ain't barbecue - or even grilling for that
matter, but my recipe
for foolproof (buffalo style) chicken wings is to marinade
them in a mixture
of Blue Dragon hot sauce and melted butter, then deep fry makes
a mess of the oil, but it makes for great wings!

To be honest, I haven't had much luck with smoking wings
even though I have
tried many times - the skin tends to come out too rubbery
and I like mine
crispy. Grilling at higher temperatures works better, but
deep frying gives
the best results in my opinion.

Deep fry is the preferred method at my house as well. How-
ever, I fry wings naked rather then marinated. While they're
fresh from the fryer, I toss them in a mixture of Crystal
Sauce and butter, then salt them liberally. When nobody is
looking I like to bolster the Crystal sauce with something
a little hotter. Lately, I've been grilling wings on my
Farberware electric grill, then treat them the same as
(I'm too lazy to mess with a gallon of oil for only a half
dozen or so wings.)

It's not BBQ but we do ours in the oven when the Weather is bad.
Kamado doesn't give a rip about the Weather, but the Operator does . .
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