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Default inoculation

On 1 Feb, 19:17, "Dick Adams" wrote:
"TG" wrote in
Some ferment the hell out of their starter and use a lot
to get 'sour' then they often spike it with yeast to get a reliable

Oh, God help us! Are we still doing that?

That is the recipe for a sour brick, you know.

Then some use a little and ferment the hell out of their
dough ...

That seems a bit extreme.

LOL, High Dicky, God no. I'm not doing either. I felt answering the
question was more important than talking about myself though. : -) And
preempt him reading other places that you need to ferment the hell out
the starter or the dough. It is "Sourdough" Dicky. : -) I suppose I
could have just talked about typing skills though.