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Steve Calvin
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Default Rival electric slicer manual

limey wrote:

"Cymru Llewes" wrote in message

Does anyone have a manual for an older Rival electric slicer? We seem to
be missing a piece or two and can't tell by looking at the machine what
is missing. We have the stand, motor, blade, slide, hand protector, and
most of what holds the blade in place. Rival's website doesn't have
a manual and a google search failed turn up anything more than sites
asking for the manual.

I don't have a manual for mine (well, once upon a time I did) but you
shouldn't really need it. It sounds to me like you have most all of
the parts. The only thing that you didn't mention is the plastic
screw-on that holds the blade on. I won't post it here, but I can
mail you a pic. of the parts if you'd like.