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Default Greek Food

cybercat wrote:
> Long ago I had some GREAT Greek food in a little place in Fall's Church
> Virginia. It was like beef stew but made with lamb.
> There were lots of other dishes that others were having that looked good
> too.
> Prior to this, I had only had stuff like gyros and vinegary weird stuff
> wrapped in grape leaves.
> Anybody got some good recipes for really good Greek food?

Look for a copy of "Greek With Gusto" . It is full of interesting Greek

A lot of my summer grilling is done with Greek inspired marinades, olive
oil and lemon juice with garlic and a bit of oregano. Summer salads are
spliced cucumber, tomato, onion topped with Kalamata olives, Feta cheese a
bit of oregano or marjoram and a good sprinkle of lemon juice and olive