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Default Sourdough bread and the bread machine dough cycle

Actually you can. But you need to "butcher" the machine cycle. I use B&D
bread maker with single blade and a horizontal pan. If I restrain myself
from overloading the pan over 2LB it does acceptable mixing job. I use heavy
dough 62% hydration with whole rye (50%), whole wheat (40%) and extra bran
(10%) of total flour. I tried 3LB B&D machine with double blades but after
2 to 3 spins it could not turn at all. Then I switch cycle off, remove the
mixing blade and let it rise for 6 to 8 hours. When it is ready I start
baking only cycle for 1.5 hour at 420F. Or I transfer the dough to basket
after mixing it in the machine, let it rise for 6 to 8 hours and bake it in
the clay pot pan with the lid ( the preheated lid used only for first 10
min of baking) on the BBQ. Why BBQ? I found that it gives higher initial
temperature than my oven and faster recovers from the heat loss. I use
indirect heat for baking.

"Russell Fletcher" wrote in message
| I know you can't make sourdough bread in the bread machine with long
| sourdough risings, but will sourdough bread work if you use the bread
| machine on the dough cycle and then let it rise outside the machine?
| Thanks.
| Russ
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