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Default Sourdough bread and the bread machine dough cycle

It works in a programmable machine, like the Zojirushi, because you can
control how long to mix and knead and how long to set the rise.

The regular dough cycle might be "iffy" it could mix too much, or not rise
long enough.

I use my "ZO" and set it to mix/knead for about 10 minutes then a 90 minute
rise. The machine will beep alerting me that its time to check my dough and
see if I'd like to take it out and shape it or I could choose to wait a
while longer. .. If I had selected the dough cycle the mix and knead would
be 21 minutes which is too long and a 45 minute rise which is too short then
it would stir the dough and rise again, which I wouldn't want.


"Russell Fletcher" wrote in message
I know you can't make sourdough bread in the bread machine with long
sourdough risings, but will sourdough bread work if you use the bread
machine on the dough cycle and then let it rise outside the machine?