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Default a bacon butty a bacon sarnie or The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

Damsel in dis Dress wrote:
On Tue, 08 Aug 2006 13:35:22 -0500, Andy q wrote:

Damsel in dis Dress wrote in

They're EASY to find. They're in jars, pickled, all ready to be put
into sandwiches. If you ever go to Subway, they have them there.
They're the neon-yellow rings. Soooo good on sammiches.

Thanks for the info. I wondered about market availability. I see Mt.
Olive Hot Banana Pepper rings at my ACME. I thought they were mild sweet

They must come in more than one heat. The ones I buy taste mostly of
vinegar. I don't have a jar on hand right now, or I'd make a


they ALWAYS give me hiccups. I love them but there's something about the
vinegar and the mild heat combined that always gives me hiccups. I get that
from pepperoncini as well. It's so funny because I eat them, wait a second,
get the familiar quivering in my abdomen, take another bite and I'm off
hiccupping and laughing and hiccupping even harder because I'm laughing which
makes me laugh harder.

Who needs television when I am my own best retarded entertainment

Poor Impulse Control.