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Default Sticky date pudding

Kathy-in-NZ wrote on 04 Aug 2006 in

> Jen wrote:
> > Does anyone have a really good sticky date pudding. I've tried a
> > few different recipes over the years, but one was too dry and
> > another wasn't sweet enough. Now that I've discovered all you
> > wonderfully clever people, maybe someone would care to share a good
> > juicy, sweet recipe.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Jen

> Funnily enough, in yesterday's newspaper was a recipe for sticky date
> pudding and butterscotch sauce from a renowned NZ cook I trust (Alison
> Holst). She does family-style recipes rather than restaurant ones. If
> you want it, email me at
> and I'll type it out for you and great effort! I don't log on here
> often since I now have to use google groups. The recipe is untried,
> but when I saw it I thought I'd save it as I also have been
> disappointed with ones I've tried to cook.
> Kathy-in-NZ

We believe in sharing...In fact that's why there is a newsgroup...Post
the damn recipe never mind this i'll send it to (just) you crap.


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