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Default Where's everybody gone?

On Fri, 28 Jul 2006 13:43:58 +0100, "William" wrote:

Derek, thank you for your email but it wasn't necessary. I'm a bit surprised to know
you actually went along with these guys and got all aggressive though.

I didn't "[go] along with these guys .." I went for her on
my own accord.

OK, I've read
those posts but you haven't told me why you attacked her.

Read my email again and note where I say, "I offer no reason
for those attacks because they were without reason, full of bad
intention and wrong ...." All I offered in that email are my

And yes, you regret it and
blame yourself. Too late!

That's unfortunately true.

Do you argue with everyone that disagrees with you?

Mostly, if they're in the mood for an argument.

You knew she was a vegan. She's on your side, so why weren't you on her side!!

I'll leave you to work that one out for yourself, Billy.