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Default Fermented Pickle Disaster-G

Jack Schmidling wrote:

Two things I have heard can cause this. You waited too long after
picking your cucs before pickling, or the temp was too high.

Well, they were picked over a period of about 5 days and the AC is on
when it gets over 70F in the house.

I usually ferment them for two weeks and then refrigerate them.

I wonder if they will ferment in the beer fridge at 40F. I just started
a new batch today and maybe I will put them in after the first week.


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I've only made pickles a few times, but 40F sounds awful cold to me. Do
you have a fermenting fridge? 50-55F sounds a bit more cozey

I've only fermented pickles for a week, then pasturize the brine and
into the fridge. Judging from your website, you are far more
experienced than I at this, but I did post my "recipe" a few days ago
in the "Picking cucumbers" thread.

And speaking of beer fridges, let me shamelessly plug mine: