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Default Weird Question......Asparagus

Oh pshaw, on Thu 08 Jun 2006 01:30:27p, kilikini meant to say...

I have some asparagus that really needs to get cooked TODAY. I'm
thinking of baking it in a dish, drizzling it with some lemon garlic
butter and then finishing it with a broil of breadcrumbs mixed with
parmesan cheese.


I've never baked asparagus before; only steamed.

Should I steam it first or do you think I can just go ahead and bake it?
If I just go ahead and bake it, what temp do you think would work best?
350 F?

Any suggestions would be welcome.


You don't need to steam it first, regardless of how you finish it in the
oven. I generally just toss with olive oil, sprinkle with a bit of
granulated garlic and herbs, then put under the broiler 5-10 minutes, or
until it shrivels and browns a bit. I would sprinkle with lemon juice and
cheese just near the end.

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