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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

"Matthew L. Martin" > wrote in message
> wrote:
>> Some people don' t seem to understand that for some people, flat tops
>> are undesirable.

> An interesting opinion.
> In my opinion, after three years with a smooth top range, it is far
> superior to any of the coil ranges I've owned over the last 35 years. If
> it were only the equal, I would still recommend smooth top since they can
> be used as counter tops when they aren't involved in cooking.
> Matthew

I've started being less careful with the smoothtop I bought -- since it was
used -- and have seen that some use it asa counter top, but since it
scratches so readily (so I've read), I wonder the wisom of doing that. A
lot of time when I'm cooking I lay down a sheet of aluminum foil over it to
lay nasty spoons and small cooking utensils so that I don't have to clean
off the burner - just as I do with my countertops, but I still wonder if
this is a good idea to get into the habit of doing.
Thanks for any further advice.