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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

> Steve Calvin wrote:
>>Go troll some group that you actually know something about

> Trolls are the ones who feel the need to resort to foul language when
> they're shown to be ignorant.

Damn... I screwed up the entry in the ol' kf.

As a parting suggestion to you. Before you go in with
blinders on quoting some website, do some REAL research.
Actually USE the units you're talking about.

I've owned commercial and residential gas stoves. Coil
electrics and flattops. Convection and non-convection and
speak from personal experience. Can you say that?

Given my experience, I'd opt for one of the higher end
electric flattops in a home environment over any of the
above. As I said earlier, had you bothered to read, my GE
flattop works wonderfully. CI, griddles, etc no problem, IF
you get a quality range with the proper burner layout for
your requirements.

Professionals cooking in a resterant environment obviously
have different requirements but also have the room and
finances to foot the bill for high end commercial gas units.
These units serve no purpose in a home environment, unless
you're trying to impress someone with an appliance which you
probably don't know how to operate properly in the first place.

I needed large pan and griddle support so I made sure to get
one with a bridge burner (you'll have to look that up on
your internet sources to find out what that is). I also have
a warming zone as well as burners with multiple sized elements.

You sir, or ma'am, actually need to do some REAL-LIFE
homework before you attempt to spout that you know what
you're talking about, which is obviously not the case.

<off to fix that damn typo in the kf>