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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

"pltrgyst" > wrote in message
> On Wed, 10 May 2006 00:20:38 -0400, "Dee Randall" >
> wrote:
>>> We're on our second GE Profile smoothtop, this one a two-oven
>>> tri-convection model, and recommend them.

>>Larry, pray-tell, what happened to the first GE Profile smoothtop? Did
>>wear it out, or move, or just want a newer model?

> The last. We're completely redoing the kitchen and bought all new
> stainless
> steel appliances (I posted the blow-by-blow of the cabinets and granite
> being
> installed, etc. a while back.) The 8-year old GE in white is now in the
> kitchen
> of one of my friends, working just fine.
> There are a few advantages to the new one, however:
> 1. It has two ovens, and convection in the main oven.
> 2. The oven racks are much heavier, and enameled instead of stainless, so
> they
> can go through the self-cleaning cycles without deteriorating.
> 3. It has a hidden heating element -- a little slower to warm up, but much
> easier to keep clean.
> 4. The lip around the cooktop is much lower, and thus interferes much less
> with
> very large pans, like my huge old Cuisinart round stainless griddle.
> It's nice to see that GE does improve their products. Of course, this one
> cost
> twice as much too... 8
> -- Larry

Geez, Larry, you must be made of money! (;-)))
Just kidding, I'm so glad you got what you want. Makes life a little nicer.
Thanks for steering me around to looking again and taking the time to