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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

On Wed, 10 May 2006 00:20:38 -0400, "Dee Randall" > wrote:

>> We're on our second GE Profile smoothtop, this one a two-oven
>> tri-convection model, and recommend them.

>Larry, pray-tell, what happened to the first GE Profile smoothtop? Did you
>wear it out, or move, or just want a newer model?

The last. We're completely redoing the kitchen and bought all new stainless
steel appliances (I posted the blow-by-blow of the cabinets and granite being
installed, etc. a while back.) The 8-year old GE in white is now in the kitchen
of one of my friends, working just fine.

There are a few advantages to the new one, however:

1. It has two ovens, and convection in the main oven.

2. The oven racks are much heavier, and enameled instead of stainless, so they
can go through the self-cleaning cycles without deteriorating.

3. It has a hidden heating element -- a little slower to warm up, but much
easier to keep clean.

4. The lip around the cooktop is much lower, and thus interferes much less with
very large pans, like my huge old Cuisinart round stainless griddle.

It's nice to see that GE does improve their products. Of course, this one cost
twice as much too... 8

-- Larry