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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

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> I purchased what I thought was a good quality Maytag electric stove about 10 years ago. It has coil burners which are getting slower and slower to heat up. Also, the electrical connectors on the coils sometimes do not make good contact and the coils do not come on until the coil is removed and then stuck back into the connector. What I am looking for is a better quality electric stove with higher power coils so that things heat up quicker. I also want a convection

oven this time. Do you have any suggestions for well-built models? We do not have gas in our area.
> Perhaps I should just replace all the coils (and their connectors) with new ones or perhaps you can get higher wattage replacement units--I just don't know. Coils (it seems to me) are more capable of rapid heatup than ceramic top ranges and will conform to my pots and pans which do not have perfectly flat bottoms. Perhaps the new induction stoves are the better way to go. I just don't know what to do.

We bought a Dacor flattop range 8 years ago and it has been a great
performer. The coils heat and cool faster than a standard open coil
range, and it has a dual-size element that is very handy. The oven
(convection and regular) is the best I have ever used. The only problem
has been cracking in the fascia (the plastic panel behind the knobs)
which was fixed free even though the warranty had expired.

You do not need perfectly flat pans. They are ideal, of course, but not
required. We use all kinds of pans - stainless, cast iron, aluminum,
enamelled, copper - all with good results.

It's pricey - about $2K as I recall - but an excellent product.

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