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Default waterless cookware

>(Doug Freyburger) expelled a waterless fart:
>> notbob wrote:
>> > Waterless cookware is a total scam. It does absolutely nothing
>> > any other cookware can't do.

>It takes very good quality cookware to pull off waterless

Bullshit... there is no such thing as waterless cookware, that's simply a
marketing gimmick... I can grill a steak with never giving a thought to any
steenkin' water... is that what you mean? And iffn yer tawkin' veggies, I
don't need any steenkin pot a'tall... why I can steam an entire cauliflower,
poifectly, wrapped in a sheet of heavy duty foil... in fact anyone has an old
cheapo pot with what it's lid is all warped, simply slip a sheet of foil
between the pot and the lid. Doogie Furbooger... what kinda steenkin' con
artist name is that... a synonym for dumbass kraut.

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