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Default Wine that got you into wine?

> What wine did you first taste that caused you to think, "wow,
> this is
> what wine is supposed to be like!" ?
> For me, at about age 23, it was a '78 Cabernet from the
> now-defunct
> Grand Cru winery in Glen Ellen, CA.

For me it all started at a party when I was about 25, after
growing up in a family where wine was on the table everyday.
At this party, about 7 or 8 years ago, I was looking for
something better than beer to drink, so I saw a wine bottle from
it's back and asked a bystanding guy "Which wine is that?"
While I poured my glass, without even looking at the label, this
guy said "Chianti". After a sip or two I realized that that wine
was *good*, damn *good*, a whole step above the wine I used to
So I got back to the bottle to read the label, unluckily I only
remember it said "bordeaux"
Maybe it was a 5 euro plonk, but it made me start to change my
mind about wine.
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