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Default Wine that got you into wine?

"Tom S" > wrote in message
> > wrote in message
>> What wine did you first taste that caused you to think, "wow, this is
>> what
>> wine is supposed to be like!" ?

> There were 2 of them: one white; the other red.
> 1972 David Bruce Chardonnay
> 1970 Van Loben Sels Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon
> Before that I drank Blue Nun, Mateus Rosé, Gallo Hardly Burgundy etc.
> What a difference!
> Tom S

Ahhhh - Grand Cru! They had the best Gewürztraminer and Chenin Blanc in
California. BTW, around the corner is one of my favorite Zin pushers -

My earliest memorable was a '70 Cheval Blanc that I bought in St. Emilion
($12) and carried in my backpack to Athens where I shared it with a lady who
is now my wife. But mostly, I have slowly gone up the ladder as my means
improved, then struck off in search of the *great* bottle of $10 wine....