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Default How much has corked wine affected your perceptions?

Petite Syrah is a big wine as many California Zins. I think they have
traced the DNA to a grape called Durif, Hungarian in origin if memory
serves - I'm sure to be corrected here if that is not the place. Not as
"gamey" as a Zin can be, and I find generally lower in tannins. My favorite
*used* to be Hop Kiln - could go 10 years plus with positive results (they
pulled their vines to plant Merlot :-/ ). They tend to be vinted as fruity
and short lived and very pleasant. Now, my favorite would be Concannon
(Livermore valley only, not central coast) and other widely available PSs
are Bogle and Clay Station.

"Joseph Coulter" wrote in message
. 97.136...
I was just thinking, inspired by a post referencing petite syrah, about my
feeling toward ps. As I remembered the taste, it struck me that what I
tasted when trying Petite Syrah, was hardly good wine at all, but our
friend TCA. My mental image is of a horribly corked bottle. It has been a
good 6-7 years since I had it and the aversion is still strong.

I suppose it is probably time to give PS a try. What would be a good one
and what can I expect of it. I believe it is different than syrah, but how

Joseph Coulter
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