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Default Birthday Cake report

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King's Crown wrote:
Very cute! You did a really good job. I bet everyone loved eating
after saying "It's too pretty to eat."

Thanks! They didn't believe I made it. One woman kept thinking I was

Have you tried making Chocolate Clay for decorating. I find it fun to
with. In the summer sometimes transporting a cake some where can be
tricking, because of the possible melting problems.



Thanks for the tip! Will this work with white chocolate? I'll save
the recipe for later use!

I use white chocolate and then color it. I also buy the colored chocolates
and make it. It starts our really sticky and gross and then with enough
kneading it suddenly turns into this wonderful easy to shape chocolate clay.
The only summer problem I had was when I made a giant sunflower for a friend
who loves what eles sunflowers. The stem was in direct sun light and I was
driving and couldn't do anything about for about 20 minutes. It melted and
dropped off onto the plate. By the time I got to her house it had cooled
off I reshaped it and pressed it back together and no one but me knew what