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J.M. Flagg
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Default Bring White Castle to Denver! Sign the petition!

Luciano wrote:
mmmmmm...belly them....wish we had one where I live

Read the thread back, you can always opt for the frozen food section WC
sliders, not as good as fresh, but surprisingly tasty.

"Phin" wrote in message

Bring White Castle to Denver!
Sign the petition!

Bring White Castle to Denver!

White Castle is the best fast food around!
Those steamy tiny bugers with the onions! Hmmm... White Castle
sliders... Hmmm...

But the nearest White Castle to Denver, Colorado is St. Louis or Kansas
(not sure if the first White Castles are still there). So, the next
logical place to open up a White Castle would be in the Denver,
Colorado area since we are not to far from the White Castle support
facilities (or build a new one in Denver and expand towards the west).

Not only is Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle a huge movie here,
the Denver area has many people (myself included) from the Midwest and
northeast that miss White Castle. Plus this area is one of the fastest
growing areas in the country. I know from what people tell me, that
White Castle would be a huge success in the Denver area!

Please sign this petition today so we can get some sliders and onion
rings tomorrow!

Thank you!