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In, Nexis wrote:
There used to be a place in PB (Pacific Beach for the non-cali's) called
skewers. They had good food, but had moved into a cursed's
gone through a half dozen businesses in as many years...but I digress. After
a lively dinner of roasted garlic and artichoke hummus, falafel, and chicken
skewers, the manager/owner offered us some Turkish coffee. It was served in
small demitasse cups, was rich, sweet, and wonderfully tasty. Does anyone
here make such a nectar and would you be willing to part with your
method/recipe? I've been experimenting, but something is missing and I can't
put my finger on it.

You need fresh coffee and an exceptionally good grinder, capable of
grinding to a dust-like consistency. You also need an Ibrik, which is a
coffee maker which is flat and wide on the bottom and smaller on the top,

You mix the powderedd coffee with water, and then heat the Ibrik until
the coffee foams up, but does not boil. Repeat it three times. Then let
the sledge settle a bit.

Often spices are mixed in, most commonly, cardommon.

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