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Default Turkish coffee

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004 11:58:56 -0800, "Nexis" wrote:

There used to be a place in PB (Pacific Beach for the non-cali's)

skewers. They had good food, but had moved into a cursed's
gone through a half dozen businesses in as many years...but I

digress. After
a lively dinner of roasted garlic and artichoke hummus, falafel, and

skewers, the manager/owner offered us some Turkish coffee. It was

served in
small demitasse cups, was rich, sweet, and wonderfully tasty. Does

here make such a nectar and would you be willing to part with your
method/recipe? I've been experimenting, but something is missing and

I can't
put my finger on it.


Have you added cardamom? I hear it is part of the Turkish coffee
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