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Alex Rast
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at Wed, 14 Sep 2005 01:28:45 GMT in ,
(Dee Randall) wrote :

Here are a few pictures of cinnamon rolls

Speaking of recipes - does anyone have a recipe for cinnamon rolls that
turn out rather like PD_Cinnamon_roll_95_g_lyrical_2? That looks close to
the type of cinnamon roll *I'd* like to be able to make. It appears to be
one of the yeast-raised type, but all the recipes I've tried to date fall
into one of 2 categories, either the too-dry, not-very-yeasty, fluffy
"supermarket" cinnamon roll (usually looking a bit like ICR01A, perhaps
slightly flatter), or the absurdly sweet, greasy, heavy, WAAY-way
overloaded "Cinnabon"-style roll (usually looking a bit like roll.jpg). At
least from its appearance, the one I've singled out looks like it'd be what
I'm looking for - a rather bready, moist roll with a slightly crisp crust,
pronounced but not aggressive cinnamon flavour, and most importantly, not
tooth-aching sweetness.
Alex Rast

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