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Jumping Jack Flash
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Maybe you can explain something. I see lots of tiny Asian restaurants
pop-up here and there in my area. The people who work there seem to be
to this county based on their command of the language. Their restaurants
seem to survive while others, even big chains, come and go.

Well, just a theory, but here's what I think. Historically, people who are
new to our country are willing to work harder, and accept a lower standard
of living. They are more likely to be willing to put in 80 hours a week and
"get by" than most born Americans. What would be interesting would be to see
how any of these places make it to a second generation. Also, many of these
places are small, carry out type places that can operate on low overhead.
The people I have talked to about starting up a restaurant (and this may be
due to the nature of my company) tend to be looking for a more traditional
"sit down" style operation. They always have "great family recipes", and
often put in time as a server somewhere in their high school days.

Of course, it should be said that many people DO know what they are getting
into, and have a great deal of success.

There are more independent Chinese Restaurants in the US than there are